“I wish you could do my hair every day” Tracy Ftacek and Pretty Convenient App Heard the Call

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Volume Up by The Tease is excited to introduce a mini-series featuring the winners and trailblazers of the first-ever Texture Style Awards. Over the next four podcasts, there will be a short interview with one of the winners to talk about their experience in addition to our regular length interviews with individuals throughout the beauty industry. 

This week we had the opportunity to talk with Sandra Henri who won Wavy Hairstylist of the Year. Sandra walks us through her process of submission and her thoughts on how this award show is changing the industry, as well as her own experiences and how she got to where she is today. 

Then, founder and CEO of Pretty Convenient App and Pretty Set Go, Tracy Ftacek, joins Volume Up to discuss her businesses and how she is disrupting the beauty industry in a positive way. Tracy goes into detail about what the Pretty Convenient App is, how she got the idea for it and how it is changing the way beauty pros work in the industry. She explains how she is focused on making the beauty industry a safe and empowering space for women and dives into her passion for creating a livable wage for her team versus relying on tips. 

Listen to the full episode if you want to hear all about how to get beauty pros right in your home as well as what it’s like to embrace technology instead of pushing it away. 

“What I found in the beauty industry is that a significant number of powerful positions are owned by men in the beauty industry. And women make up the largest workforce. So somebody needed to like rattle the cage and say, I’m going to go to the table, I’m going to go ahead and make space for us to have this conversation.”

“That after a year, you can almost instantaneously purchase the house you want to or go on the vacations or qualify, there’s nothing wrong with credit, qualify for the credit that you need to buy the car that you dream of.”

“I can’t technically be a Gen Z, but oh my gosh, they’re bringing mental health conversations to the table. They’re seeing gaps in business, and then opportunities that I never saw before.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream. 

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey