If You Like a Minimalist Makeup Routine, You’ll Love These 4 Alleyoop Products



As much as we all love an ultra-glam look (think: statement lips, smokey eyes, and loads of shimmer) the reality is that most days, many of us default to minimalism. Let’s face it—who really has time in the morning to do a full face of makeup before they head out the door, anyway? 

The beauty of having a minimal makeup routine is that with just a few minutes and a few essential products you can achieve an effortlessly gorgeous makeup look that’s fuss-free and most important of all, easy. Of course, you’ll need some amazing multitasking products to help you nail this stripped-down beauty routine—which is precisely where Alleyoop comes in. 

The clean beauty brand’s line of multifunctional products are a makeup minimalist’s dream. Take, for example, their 4-in-1 makeup pen, smudge-proof eyeshadow sticks and a stackable multi-use face palette which effortlessly helps you  achieve the perfect natural glow. If you consider yourself a makeup minimalist, keep scrolling for a closer look at all the Alleyoop beauty products that you’ll want to incorporate in your routine ASAP.


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Shop: Alleyoop Multi-tasker, $28.00

Consider this four-in-one makeup brush as the only makeup brush that you’ll ever need. This award-winning tool features an innovative brush design that consolidates your four most essential makeup brushes—a concealer sponge, blush brush, brow brush and an eyeshadow brush—into one single, sleek form. No more lugging around your entire brush collection while you’re on the go.This is efficiency at its finest. 

Promising review from Alleyoop: Alyson V. says, “The reason I made a purchase in the first place! This is such a game changer. The brushes are so soft and work so well. Goodbye hunting down brushes in the morning!”

11th Hour

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Shop: Alleyoop 11th Hour, $24.00

Instead of reaching for that large eyeshadow palette that you hardly ever use, reach for this handy eyeshadow stick. Available in 7 popular shades, this shadow stick provides full coverage that lasts all day (11+ hours, duh) thanks to its waterproof, smudge and crease-proof formula. You’ll love how easy it is to apply—no brush needed—just blend with your fingers. And you’ll definitely appreciate its ability to turn into a precision eyeliner with the help of the sharpener on the end.

Promising review from Alleyoop: Ginel D. says, “So obsessed with these 11th Hour Eyeshadow Sticks! These make it so quick and easy for me to do my eye looks. I love that they are smudge-proof and crease-proof too! My fave shade would be Gotta Guava!”

Stack the Odds

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Shop: Alleyoop Stack the Odds, $38.00

Don’t be fooled by this face palette’s compact size, because this little guy packs quite a punch thanks to its 3-in-1 stackable design that features a blendable cream blush, bronzer and highlighter. Available in three gorgeous colorways, all of this palette’s formulas have a unique cream to soft powder finish that’s formulated with jojoba and sunflower oil to leave your skin with the most beautiful glow. Plus, it also includes a mini mirror inside for all of your on-the-go makeup applications. 

Promising review from Alleyoop: Sarah P. says, “This is so easy to use —buildable, sheer color that I can apply with my fingers. Easy to touch up throughout the day and looks very natural.”


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Shop: Alleyoop Multi-Mood, $32.00

What if we told you that it was possible to get your favorite lip shade in three versatile finishes? Well, this compact lip product offers up just that in one portable case. Instead of wasting time picking the perfect lip shade, you can save time (and space in your makeup bag) by reaching for this lip product that features three finishes: a gloss, a cream and a matte.

Promising review from Alleyoop: Pam C. says, “I love this trio! The color is perfect and I love the staging power of the matte & the sheen of the gloss—not sticky and the lipstick is great too!”

Shop all of these Alleyoop products and more at meetalleyoop.com. And to learn more about Alleyoop, be sure to follow @meetalleyoop on Instagram and TikTok

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