It’s More Than Hair — It’s a Lifestyle


A hairstylist creates more than just hair. We build bonds and connections with every individual in our chair and have the super power to transform and motivate. This is more than a job, it’s my lifestyle.

Almost every second of the day, I am thinking of innovative ways to create art through hair. I can admit that I make hair contact before eye contact, envisioning all the things I want to do to your hair.

While living this amazing lifestyle, there  are two goals I wish to accomplish: to change the world one head at a time by helping people see the great in themselves, and to build a unique path that the next generation of hairstylist can follow to better prepare and understand the power they possess.

This industry is so much more than what you see on  television or social media. For those who are serious and passionate about their craft, this lifestyle can come with sleepless nights, sacrifices, hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, fears, tears and failure. These are the things that create the industry greats, and the one thing they all have in common is that they didn’t give up.

This doesn’t just apply to hairstylists but to life in general. Sometimes, things may seem too hard or impossible to accomplish. But, always remember that nothing is impossible when you face the fear head on.

So, for that client who may be afraid to try a new cut, just remember it’s okay to change and play around with your look! Hair is just an accessory attached to your body, so help them go ahead and face that fear. Motivate them to make the change that will prepare them to conquer everything the world will throw at them.

Lastly, for the hairstylist who’s afraid to step out of the box, don’t let anyone discourage you from the way you want to interpret your art through hair. The greats became greats because they allowed their creativity to push boundaries while blocking out negativity. However, do not block out education. Continue to learn, be hungry for knowledge and always be your genuine self.

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Ardree Merriweather

Ardree Merriweather is a published hairstylist and educator based in Los Angeles.


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