Julien Howard on Crafting a Natural Look for SNL Host Regé-Jean Page


On February 20th, our TV screens were blessed with the presence of Bridgerton’s very own Regé-Jean Page as he hosted Saturday Night Live. The actor, who’s made headlines for his seductive character on the Netflix show, didn’t disappoint. While his comedic acting was refreshing and amusing, we couldn’t help but notice his impressive haircut! And that’s thanks to New York-based barber Julien Howard. Known by his clients as The Vélo Barber, Howard has provided his skills to some of the biggest shows and runways in entertainment. And now he can add Page to his client list!

Together with groomer Jessica Ortiz, the two crafted a look that was versatile enough to withstand Page’s costume changes while still remaining on point. We got the inside scoop from Howard on how he approached the Duke’s cut.

“As the barber, I specialize in creating the canvas and structure of the cut to ensure that the look is well-balanced and can always fall back into the shape we created, even when putting on wigs and taking them off,” Howard shares with The Tease. “We knew Page was going to be doing many looks and changes, so I took into consideration the texture, shape of his head, the hair and how it bounces back when wet and dried.”

As for the fade, Howard wanted it to be “a tad bit darker on the sides but with a nice gradual quiff in the front and on top.” To create this balance, he used Hanzo Shears, keeping a squared, natural shape and look in mind. This results in “a higher fade with the sides dark enough to create a very even shade as it blends to the top, ensuring a natural look — a look well-groomed that compliments Page’s masculine features.”

For the sides, Howard used Andis Master Cordless Clippers with a #2 guard. “Having a smooth transition from the sides to the top is essential to ensure that this look is kept balanced,” he explains. “We didn’t want any extremely sharp lines or hard edges. Everything had to look natural and compliment his natural growth pattern all around his head, especially with the taper in the back.”

Using Andis ProFoil Shavers and his Andis Master Cordless Clippers, Howard was able to keep the cut tapered and naturally blended. “We had to ensure that the blend was a skin taper but not too high or harsh, which would change the shape of the cut. We had it look natural like someone was there and cared enough about it, keeping the squared look, but we blended enough to not see any lines.”

After cutting and blending Page’s hair, Howard’s canvas was now ready for Ortiz, whose job was to ensure that the actor looked his best between the chaotic changes backstage at SNL. To do so, she used the DevaCurl One-Condition Decadence on damp hair to lock in moisture and a lightweight shine spray between changes to enhance hydration and fight frizz.

Needless to say, Howard slayed Page’s look for the night! Be sure to follow The Vélo Barber on Instagram for more impressive cuts.

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