Keya Neal on ‘Moving the Needle’ Toward a More Inclusive Beauty Industry With The TVR Summit 24


The Texture Vs Race Summit, led by Keya Neal, stands as a beacon of change in an industry accustomed to the status quo. Setting itself apart from ordinary hair shows and educational events, TVR is a transformative experience where minds expand, hearts open, and hands are inspired to action.

For years, Keya Neal has been an unwavering voice challenging the beauty industry to confront its racial biases and embrace texture inclusive education. With TVR 2024, Neal showcased her unwavering determination despite setbacks, rallying attendees, educators, and brands from across the nation to join the movement. 

Over the course of three enriching days, the summit offered an abundance of texturally-inclusive education alongside invaluable DEI coaching from TVR Collaborative coaches and esteemed brand partners including SalonCentric, Ulta Beauty, K18, Blonde Solutions, NU Standard Beauty, and more. The programming featured stage demonstrations, breakout classes, and hands-on cut and color education with live models, including the trademark Hydro Discovery Curl Clinic™ session.

During the summit, The Tease had the pleasure of sitting down with Neal herself. Keep scrolling to join us as we delve into the essence of TVR 2024 and explore the exciting developments on the horizon.

Could you tell us about this year’s venue?

Keya Neal: “This year, we chose to hold the Texture versus Race Summit and last year’s Town Hall in 2023 at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. We chose this venue because we believe that the walls need to talk and because of all of the rich history and the Black history that’s being displayed here. And I think that it just lends to the experience of all of our attendees. And it just gives a foundation for everything that we want them to feel, the sacredness, the history, and just the welcoming spirit that this venue holds.”

The Reginald F. Lewis Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

Describe the TVR Summit in 3 words.

Neal: “If I had to describe TVR in three words, it would be liberating, it would be inclusive, and it would be community.”

What do you hope attendees take away from the TVR summit?

Neal: “I hope that the attendees of the Texture Vs. Race summit 2024 take away the understanding that hair is indeed a fabric and not a race and that products are for performance and not people. And that if the movement isn’t moving, it’s because you are not. So if you were not here at Texture Vs. Race 2024, you have made a mistake that you cannot afford to make next year. So I just say, I want my attendees to leave with the understanding that there are people who are absolutely aligned with the mission and the movement to create a more inclusive beauty industry and that they are the ones moving the needle and that they have the brands to align with, they have other people in the community to align with, and they absolutely have community and network and connection to me and my team as well.”

What’s next for you and for TVR? 

Neal: “Well what’s next at TVR is Texture Vs. Race 2025 is going down April 6th, 7th and 8th. That is our big announcement! And I’m so excited about it because we are going to be right back here at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum. And we have some great offers that are going to be shared with you on how you can get in on an early bird special. I mean, like an insane offer to get in the building. We’re removing all of the barriers for you to get here. We’re removing all of the reasons for you to say no. You can’t afford to not be in the building, and we’re really excited about that. 

But on another note, one of the other things that I’m really excited about, and I have an announcement, so really [The Tease] is going to be the first one to get this little tea and this scoop. We are going to do a Texture vs race educators edition where we’re going to be really focusing on the cosmetology school teachers, the owners, and the management of those schools. So I can’t wait to share everything Texture Vs. Race has available to the school system so that we can elevate them as well and catch all of our budding stylists so that they can be inclusive-minded and be of value to our industry.” 

If you’re interested in attending The Texture Vs. Race Summit 2025, tickets are available now. Click here to register. For more on Neal, Texture Vs. Race and the TVR Collaborative, which happens to be accepting applications right now, follow on Instagram and TikTok.

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