Level Up with Pravana Color Enhancers

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Late last year, hair color and care brand, Pravana launched four new Color Enhancers to help temporarily create and maintain perfectly colored hair. The color-depositing conditioners can be used at home on your own hair or in-salon on your clients for some color-popping fun!

As the color enhancers work to deposit beautiful, vibrant pigment, they also mend split ends to ensure smoother, healthier and more manageable hair! They can last up to seven washes and come in pink, aqua blue, violet and silver.

Pro tip: the conditioners are perfect for Pravana Vivids clients, helping to maintain gorgeous shades in between salon appointments!

Formulated with Pravana’s exclusive Reunite Mending Technology™, the enhancers utilize amino acids for internal strength to restore hair from the inside out. They also contain plant-derived mending ingredients to help reunite the cuticle layer.

In addition to providing flawless color, Pravana Color Enhancers are packaged in bio-resin tubes made of sugarcane. This reduces greenhouse emissions, produces a low carbon footprint and makes the tubes 100% recyclable. YAAS sustainability!

Get Pravana Color Enhancers here and give your clients the color boost they’re craving!