Making Cool Products That Didn’t Exist And Actually Work With Melanin Haircare


Oftentimes there can be a gap separating hair content creators from hair professionals. Despite their difference in schooling and approach to hair, many consumers will first go to a content creator for hair advice and tricks over a stylist causing a further divide and sometimes misinformation.  Yet, instead of teaming up together, their differences cause a divide that can include judgment and little respect.

Whitney White, one of the first natural hair content creators, saw this divide and often felt that she needed to prove herself in the industry. In order to feel like she belonged, she went and got her license in cosmetology after having an already successful career as a content creator. From there her passion grew more and more, cultivating in Melanin Haircare. Whitney started Melanin Haircare with her sister Taffeta White and they started creating products that didn’t quite exist yet but actually worked for the consumers. 

Whitney joined Volume Up by The Tease to discuss her journey from content creator to stylist to CEO of Melanin Haircare. She talks through the products their team are working tirelessly to perfect,  finding the balance in all facets of her life and how her hair journey helped her find her individuality as a young adult. 

Maybe there is a takeaway in Whitney’s story for content creators and stylists to team up rather than build a wall or maybe it’s just the biography of an amazing woman. Listen for yourself to see.  

“Just learning more about my own hair and becoming a part of this community where I was celebrated for expressing my individuality. It just really helped me come into myself as a young adult.”

“I really wanted to prove to myself and to the industry that, ‘No, I love hair and I respect what you’re doing and I hope that you respect what I’m doing as well. And if you don’t, I’m going to also get my license so that – that’s one thing you cannot say that I don’t have anymore.’ So that was like a personal thing. I needed to prove to myself and to the industry that I belonged here.”

“Just having a lot of fun making these really cool products that don’t exist… AND WORK.”

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