Matrix’s Inclusive Rebrand Ensures Everyone’s Hair Care Needs Are Met


Matrix has spent decades helping consumers and stylists alike transform their appearance with groundbreaking products — and now the brand has recently undergone a transformation of its very own.

In an effort to better reflect the increasingly diverse world in which we all live, the professional hair care leader has rebranded (as of March 1st) to ensure that the company appeals to everyone, regardless of their hair type.

Their new slogan? “All hair types. All humans.”

As a brand, Matrix was founded on the values of synergy and togetherness. With its relaunch, the company hopes to both reconfirm and modernize these values by committing to being the industry’s most inclusive haircare and hair color brand.

“When Arnie Miller founded the brand, he saw the need for a community where every hairstylist could feel a sense of belonging,” said Shane Wolf, Worldwide President, Professional Products Division U.S. Brands, in a press statement. “The brand is proud to reveal a reinvented Matrix, guided by those principles, yet reimagined and modernized. Matrix is a place where everyone is welcome and is supported by the community to reach their full potential.”

So, just what does this relaunch mean for this over 40-year-old brand? Well, for one thing — a whole new look!

New Look

To kick off its new direction, the brand debuted a new logo that has Matrix fans everywhere feeling the love. Classic, but now with a fun rainbow twist, the updated logo continues to speak to the brand’s message of community through growth, synergy, and nurturing.

But, it’s not just Matrix’s logo that’s gotten a revamp — all of their product packaging has undergone its own vibrant transformation. Trust us, when we say that you’ll want to get your hands on these beauties!

New Mission

Along with a new look, Matrix has also found itself a new brand focus: to be the haircare brand where everyone belongs and all hair types are welcome. According to a press release, the brand proudly embraces “hairstylists of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience into a supportive community where they are given the tools they need to succeed, including innovation and education to help every stylist realize their creative and professional potential.”

Hair Diversity Matrix

To help carry out this mission, the brand has introduced the Hair Diversity Matrix, a scorecard system to ensure that all products and education materials reflect a wide variety of hair type needs. Created in collaboration with Matrix artists and chemists, the dimensions of the scorecard system include all levels (from dark to light), all underlying pigments (from warm to pale), all diameters (from fine to course), and all patterns (from straight to coily).

“[The Hair Diversity Matrix] gives a continuum of all possible scenarios that you could see in your chair in the salon. It’s the full spectrum of all hair types and colors,” said Michelle O’Connor, Matrix Global Artistic Director. “Hairdressers will see hair as a spectrum with various characteristics. This broadens the scope of who you work on as a client and diversity enters this broadened knowledge base in a big way.”

Though, the Hair Diversity Matrix doesn’t solely impact just the stylist, but also the average consumer and their experience in salons.

“For the everyday customer, you can now have the confidence that your stylist is educated and knowledgeable about your hair —no matter the color or texture type you have. It also opens up the door to more salon spaces being adequately equipped to handle the needs of whoever walks through their doors,” said O’Connor. “This is how we shift beauty narratives and broaden the greater conversations and imagery that lives in and around us. It’s truly the biggest diversity and inclusion conversation that can be had in the world of beauty. It starts with us (Matrix) as a brand and with the knowledge, information, and education that will thrive in the hands of the hairdresser and touch every consumer.”

New Product Innovation

The brand’s product assortment also got the redesign treatment. To coincide with their rebranding, Matrix has rolled out reformulations of its cult-favorite SoColor and Color Sync lines, which are getting 120-plus and 90-plus new shades, respectively.

These newly formulated product lines will now come pre-bonded with Bond Protecting Concentrate to help protect the hair structure during any color service.

“Matrix provides the products, services, and education that empower stylists to meet the needs of every client with confidence. The new Hair Diversity Matrix and new product innovation ensure uncomplicated, high performance solutions for all styles and all hair types, allowing stylists at all levels to color, style, and cut with confidence,” said Carrington Cole, Matrix U.S. SVP. “Staying true to the original founding vision, Matrix will continue to inspire stylists with the confidence to reach for their dreams.”

To learn more about the new Matrix, be sure to follow @Matrix on Instagram or visit

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