5 Key Takeaways from Matrix Synergy 2021


Matrix Synergy may be over, but we can’t stop thinking about all the inspiring conversations and interactive moments that made the event so special.

The epic two-day event, which took place on March 1st and 2nd, was packed with fun virtual experiences including brand booths and a brand experience playground as well as educational sessions with some of the top stylists and artists in the Matrix portfolio.

The first-ever virtual trade show kicked off by “painting the town rainbow” to unveil the company’s re-brand. Along with showcasing a new logo, Matrix also revealed a new tool for internal use called the Hair Diversity Matrix, which is a scorecard that ensures that all marketing and educational materials will represent a more racially diverse consumer base. On day two, attendees were kept busy with an assortment of informative classes on a wide-range of topics, across four stages. Artists like Danielle Keasling, Tabatha Coffey, and Constance Robbins taught courses on everything from balayage techniques to social media skills.

If you missed out on the event or just want to relive some of the best moments, we have a run-down of some key learnings, just for you!

Read on for the best quotes from the amazing speakers at the event.

Tabatha Coffey

Matrix Global Business Ambassador, @tabathacoffey

On confidence vs. courage: “Courage is the thing that you need to call on anytime your confidence is lagging, your self-esteem isn’t where it needs to be, or fear is telling you what you can’t do. Because confidence will only get you so far, but courage is rocket fuel — it is the secret sauce.”

Eric Vaughn

Matrix Artistic Ambassador and Owner of Rev Salon , @realericvaughn

On achieving the perfect platinum blonde: “When trying to create the perfect platinum, it’s not about the tone. If you do the work, take your time, and get that perfect canvas first, it doesn’t matter what the toner formula is. You can literally use anything (like the Matrix Light Master Pre-Bonded Powder Lightener) and get that beautiful result that you’re looking for, whether it’s smoky, silver, or a beige platinum. You can literally do anything you want and it would be perfect.”

Danielle Keasling

Matrix Global Artistic Director and 2018 North American Hairstylist Award Winner for ”Hairstylist of the Year”, @danielle.keasling

On applying balayage to curly hair: “I do balayage a lot with naturally curly hair. When I’m balayaging naturally curly hair, depending on the coil or the curl, I usually end up smoothing their hair out a little bit with a brush before I work on it (with the Matrix Light Master Pre-Bonded Powder Lightener) — just to keep the surfaces flat if I’m not painting on the curl pattern itself.”

Chrystofer Benson

Matrix Global Artistic Director and 2020 North American Hairstylist Award Winner for “Haircolor”, @cbensonhair

On his creative process: “When creating, some of the things I keep in mind are diversity of the creation (colors, shape, texture, and styling) and the idea that inspiration can be from anything and anywhere, as long as it’s translatable.” 

Constance Robbins

Matrix Global Artist and owner of Kolektiv Salon, @constancerobbins

On marketing yourself through social media: “Post what you want to attract. Whether you’re a new stylist and you’re trying to build your clients from scratch or you’re a seasoned stylist and you’re feeling burnout, social media will definitely help you level up your business.”

Did you attend Matrix Synergy? If so, who was your favorite speaker? Let us know in the comments.

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