Matrix’s New Curl Collection Made My Curls Dreams Come True



It’s official, I’m a Dream Girl. 

Finding curl-friendly products that actually work can be a struggle. If I’m being honest, there’s a lot to natural hair care. There isn’t a one size fits all product that works for every curl pattern because curls are complex. Not only do they differ from person to person, but there may even be a few different curl patterns living on one head.
Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to test out the Matrix A Curl Can Dream Pattern Preserving System. As a complete range, it’s great! It’s flexible, it performs, and it smells phenomenal. You seriously cannot go wrong with adding this entire line to your hair care regimen. But like any team, there are definitely some front runners that deserve a mention.

First up, the star of the show – A Curl Can Dream Co-wash

I have 4B/4C low porosity hair, so adding moisture to my strands is extremely important for retention and definition. I’ve found that while many curl-friendly shampoos do a great job of cleaning my hair, they strip it of its natural oils as well— leaving it to feel dry and coarse afterward. My resolve has been to co-wash more than I shampoo. But, not all co-washes are created equal. Without the suds of a shampoo, you risk not getting clean at all. Not with A Curl Can Dream! This co-wash is the best one I’ve used to-date.

For the sake of this review, I decided not to follow up with shampoo just to see if I got a quality clean from the co-wash alone. I did! It lathers nicely while keeping the creamy consistency of a conditioner, and it really cleans! 

Following that, I went right in with the A Curl Can Dream Rich Mask.

Having just come off of a two-week old blow-out that had been pressed and then re-pressed, it was only right that I treat my curls to some reparative TLC. Not only did my curls bounce back, but they were soft and juicy too!

#CurlHack: Use the Rich Mask as you would a deep conditioner (either with or without heat). Thank me later.

Last but certainly not least, the gel.

The A Curl Can Dream Light Hold Gel is outstanding! It is my favorite style product from the entire range, hands down. It’s light enough to use for fluffy twist-outs, strong enough to create a sleek ponytail, and has enough hold to be used as an edge tamer. Talk about versatility! If I had to choose just one product from the A Curl Can Dream system – though it would be hard – it would be this gel. 

To all my curl-friends out there, if you’re looking for a full-range, from care-to-style curl system, definitely check out Matrix’s A Curl Can Dream. The full collection is available now for purchase at Ulta

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