Men’s Grooming Through the Years with American Crew’s David Raccuglia


From tight slicked-back hair in the 50s to grown-out locks in the 70s to perms in the 80s. The men’s grooming category is ever-changing. Through the years, we have seen men go from caring about their looks to not caring to caring again. It is not an easy category to tackle but there are a few brands who have stuck with it to help elevate the space. 

American Crew may just be the single most popular men’s grooming brand, but that success didn’t happen overnight. American Crew has been evolving right alongside the men’s grooming space for nearly 30 years (in 2024). 

Alongside their legendary products, American Crew’s dream is to take any individual to walk into the salon and be able to achieve the look they want to achieve. With time and passion, the brand has surely accomplished that along with many other things. 

David Raccuglia, the founder of American Crew, joins Volume Up to discuss his journey, men’s grooming evolution, the founding of American Crew, where the brand is today and where they hope to be in the future. 

As our host Jeffrey keeps saying, this episode is certainly ICONIC. Head to wherever you stream to dive deep into men’s grooming and why it could be an amazing money maker. 

“Men come to upkeep a good short fade every two to three weeks…Hairdressers make money by being talented and by maintaining a good time schedule. Those are two very important aspects of it and we fit that.”

“But our goal is if you walked in the door with the length of hair that you’re presenting, the look that you’re presenting, we have the skills and the techniques to give you exactly what you want.”

“If there’s something to celebrate in our 30th year, besides our wonderful product line, it’s the craft of men’s grooming and barbering. Because man has it come a long way in 30 years.”

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