Podcast: More Than Reviews – The App That’s Helping Black Women Find Capable Stylists

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This week’s guest was Jihan Thompson, co-founder and CEO of Swivel Beauty. Swivel Beauty is an online platform that works to connect a client with a stylist that knows how to do work with their hair type and is proficient at doing the services the client is looking for. 

Jihan discussed her background before Swivel and the inspiration behind the brand. She talked about the details behind starting this business from the ground up with her partner, how they are continuing to expand and even where the name originated from. 

Jihan shared that Covid affected Swivel and how their focus was really to support the stylist community during all the shutdowns. Jihan was also able to talk about the Power to the Pro Summit which allowed stylists to connect and feel confident, as well as a possible venture into education expansion. 

Don’t miss out hearing how to get involved with Swivel Beauty directly from Jihan Thompson!

“But I’ll just back up and explain that one of the main pain points that really kind of led me to start Swivel was understanding”

“They’re no different from me, they were just really passionate about a problem and did everything they could to figure out how to create a solution for it.”

“We focused on really supporting our stylist community, doing everything we could to double down to support them”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream. 

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey