Motherhood In The Salon


“I could stare into your innocent, non-verbal face all day — but Mommy needs fulfilling, heartfelt conversations too.”

This is what I tell myself on the way to the salon, while my family is at home on a weekend morning preparing to fend for themselves. Motherhood in the salon is one of the most flexible, lucrative jobs that I could imagine, and I feel so fortunate that the transition has been flawless for my lifestyle.

I’ve been slaying hair as a loving passion for 17 years and teaching for Pravana Hair color brand for seven of those years. I have the pleasure of working with 120 of the most colorful brains in our industry. I also have the pleasure of witnessing light bulbs illuminate in stylists’ eyes as I explain hair color science. And finally, I have the joy of manipulating works of hair art on my favorite clients’ heads on a weekly basis.

But, where does that leave time to be a new mom? All the time in the world, because Mommy needs to fill her intellectual cup to be more present and engaged in the non-verbal play that my son demands. 

For example, when I am behind the chair I am able to bypass small talk with some of my loyal clients. Instead, we start talking right away about our relationships with our family and the dynamics that surround them — or we can talk about our education options for our children and how to maximize them. These types of conversations give my brain fuel for the days when I am at home caring for my family and having deeper thoughts inside my head.

The balance between my days in the salon and my days caring for my family are so important. When I spend too many days at home, I yearn for the laughter that sits in my salon chair. I usually take this out on my significant other and ask him one million questions about his day at work and coworkers. Alternately, when I am at the salon for too many hours, I yearn for the quiet crayon coloring sessions with my son. Everyone has their own balance, but the secret to life is finding that balance. 

I am here to deliver a message to my fellow hair creators that are either new moms, veteran moms or thinking about the pending adventure: You have all the space in your heart for both careers. I promise.

To me, self-care is knowing that I need to go to work to feel like myself. My clients, students and educators are my peers, and they give my life just as much purpose as my child. And I am grateful for all of you equally, because you make me whole.

Thank you for understanding my motherly duties and thank you for understanding my creative life duties. After all, we all came from the same place — a vagina. You got this.

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Meg B. Rowlett

Meg B. Rowlett is an Atlanta based mom and haistylist that specializes in creative color and extensions.


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