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Ask any hairstylist or colorist about their favorite hair care brands and chances are OLAPLEX will likely rank at the top. Since its launch in 2014, OLAPLEX has built a huge cult following amongst hair pros and their clients with its range of scientifically-backed products that are designed to transform damaged hair from the inside out. As for why so many stylists and colorists swear by the brand? It may have something to do with its patented Bond Building Technology, which uses a single molecule known as Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate to repair broken bonds in the hair at the molecular level, leaving hair looking and feeling stronger, healthier, and softer.

Among OLAPLEX’s biggest fans and supporters are its very own Brand Ambassadors who have experienced firsthand the magic of its bond-building treatments. This talented collective of colorists and stylists regularly incorporate OLAPLEX into their professional services to help deliver incredible results to their clientele and have a boatload of hair success stories under their belt. With that in mind, The Tease had the pleasure of connecting with OLAPLEX Ambassadors Christin Brown, Samantha Cusick, and Bianca Hillier to hear about their journey with OLAPLEX and the success they’ve found with using the brand’s pro services. Keep scrolling to hear their thoughts!    

Christin Brown, (@curlfactor)

OLAPLEX Global Ambassador and Celebrity Curl Specialist

Samantha Cusick, (@samantha.cusick)

OLAPLEX Global Ambassador, Color/Balayage Specialist, and Founder of Samantha Cusick London

Bianca Hillier, (@biancacolour)
OLAPLEX Global Ambassador and Colorist at Andy LeCompte Salon

The Tease: How did you become an OLAPLEX Ambassador? What do you feel the benefits are as a result?

Christin Brown: I had already been using OLAPLEX organically and my visibility on social media for being a curl specialist was growing. I was noticed by OLAPLEX, and they contacted me through Instagram. I took that as a sign that maybe I was an educator, and maybe the information and lived experiences that I was putting out into the world was having an impact. Only then did I realize the impact of who my future colleagues would be as they’re all powerhouses in the hair industry! Every time we’re all on stage together, I’m instantly reminded of the moment when someone saw something in me that I had yet to see in myself. That’s incredibly powerful and has changed the course of my career.

Samantha Cusick: Becoming an OLAPLEX Ambassador has been a very natural and organic journey. I have been using OLAPLEX since it launched, I managed to get my hands on some before it was even available in the UK. It was clear from the first time I used it that OLAPLEX was a game-changer in the world of haircare. As a stylist, colorist, and salon owner, I always look for products that not only lived up to their promises but exceeded expectations. OLAPLEX did just that, and that’s why it’s a non-negotiable part of my professional toolkit.

I wholeheartedly believed in the transformative power of OLAPLEX, and I wanted to share with others the benefits of using OLAPLEX. It was important to me that my clients and followers knew about a product that could genuinely make a difference in the health and appearance of their hair.

Being an OLAPLEX Ambassador has brought an array of benefits and opportunities into my life. It has provided me with access to the latest OLAPLEX innovations, a supportive community of like-minded professionals, and a platform to inspire and educate others in the power of OLAPLEX. It has allowed me to elevate the quality of services I offer to my clients, strengthening their trust and enhancing their haircare experience. 

Bianca Hillier: When OLAPLEX was a new innovation, and nowhere to be bought in the shops, the owner visited my salon and gave me some to try out. Since then, I’ve helped launch OLAPLEX in Dubai, Canada, USA, and more. I’ve been able to travel with OLAPLEX to educate and show the power of OLAPLEX. I am a true fan, and my career would not look the same without OLAPLEX!

The Tease: Tell us a success story you’ve had using OLAPLEX pro services?

Christin Brown: One of my favorite success stories is centered around a client I’ve had since 2015. She came to me with extremely damaged hair due to excessive heat damage because she was married to her flat iron. She was also used to getting keratin treatments because she grew up not loving her curls. At our first session, she turned to me as her potential new stylist and said, “You’re my last hope and if this doesn’t work out, I’m going back to keratins for the rest of my life.” I assured her that with time, care from a curl specialist, and the appropriate use of OLAPLEX standalone treatments that she can have the hair she could only dream of. Almost 10 years later, our relationship is stronger than ever and she’s quite literally the poster child for patience, great haircare, and trusting the salon process.

Samantha Cusick: I’ve had the incredible opportunity to witness the transformative power of OLAPLEX Pro Services firsthand. One particularly memorable success story has involved a new client who was so frustrated with her hair. She had severely damaged and over-processed hair due to excessive color treatments and heat styling.

We discussed her hair goals and expectations in depth during a consultation. She told me that she loved being blonde and hated the idea of going darker as had been recommended to her by her previous hairdresser. I recommended we start with a series of OLAPLEX Pro Services, including the OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment with OLAPLEX No. 1 Bond Multiplier and OLAPLEX No. 2 Bond Perfector, which focused on repairing and strengthening her hair from the inside out. I then made sure she had the best home haircare routine with OLAPLEX No. 3 Hair Perfector, OLAPLEX No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, OLAPLEX No. 5 Bond Maintenance ConditionerOLAPLEX No. 6 Bond Smoother, and OLAPLEX No. 7 Bonding Oil. This way she could continue to repair her hair at home over the next 4 weeks before coming back for her color.

This consistency and a dedicated care routine accelerated the recovery process for her hair. When she came back to see me 4 weeks later her hair was now resilient, smooth, and strong. I was then confident enough to do a partial head of highlights for her, as I knew I could add OLAPLEX No. 1 Bond Multiplier into the color formulas to help safeguard her hair from damage during the coloring process. She was not only thrilled with the results but also felt more confident about her hair’s overall health and appearance. My client was able to keep her blonde hair and improve its health and manageability, which to me is what makes this such a success story.

Bianca Hillier: I’ve been working with my client Danielle for years and she often switches up her color. We’ve gone from fantasy fire red to blonde highlights and natural light brown to black. Just recently she had the urge to go back to a more natural medium brown. She has extremely curly hair and is always cautious to not damage the curl pattern.

Danielle is bi-coastal, and she had recently been getting black color with another colorist, and it was permanent! We all know permanent black color is the hardest to transform. I started by first clarifying with the OLAPLEX 4C Clarifying Shampoo to help get rid of any heavy metals and buildup from hard water, and to allow the bleach chemicals to really enter the hair strands.

With the help of OLAPLEX No. 1 Bond Multiplier in each of my lightener mixtures, I was able to lighten her hair three times! The first time was to get the hair as light as possible off the scalp. Then the second time was to find all the spotty dark pieces and lighten those and the third time to try with a weak lightener and just get another even lift on it. In between each process, we used OLAPLEX No. 1 Bond Multiplier and OLAPLEX No. 2 Bond Perfector as a stand-alone treatment to really repair the inside structure of the hair. After toning the hair, we sealed the deal with moisture via the OLAPLEX 4-in-1 Moisture Mask for 10 minutes. Her curl is still bouncy, and she is currently looking like a sexy, expensive brunette!

The Tease: We understand that everyone manages their businesses from their unique points of view, and what is best for them. From your perspective, how do you recommend stylists and colorists integrate OLAPLEX pro services into the salon menu?

Christin Brown: Even though I consider myself to be an extrovert, sometimes it can be daunting to discuss the pricing of additional services when the guest is right in front of you. So, what helped me was to bake in my OLAPLEX treatments with each color service. I use OLAPLEX on virtually everyone anyway, so why not fuel your revenue while taking pressure off yourself? In my opinion, this type of freedom allows you to free up that mental space to be the artist you are meant to be.

Samantha Cusick: As both a colorist and a salon owner, I believe in the importance of price transparency and tailored services for our clients. When it comes to integrating OLAPLEX Pro Services into the salon menu, we have adopted a specific approach to ensure that clients understand exactly what they are paying for.

We offer a range of OLAPLEX Pro Services, including treatments like OLAPLEX No. 1 Bond Multiplier, OLAPLEX No. 2 Bond Perfector, OLAPLEX’s Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment, and incorporating OLAPLEX into their chemical services. Each of these services serves a unique purpose and addresses different hair concerns.

To keep things simple for our clients and to meet their specific needs, we price OLAPLEX services separately from our standard color or styling services. This allows our clients to see precisely which OLAPLEX service they are investing in and know how much it will cost.

Our clients appreciate this transparency, as it empowers them to make informed decisions about their haircare. Some clients may require OLAPLEX No. 1 Bond Multiplier and OLAPLEX No. 2 Bond Perfector, which focuses on repairing and strengthening hair from the inside out. Stand-Alone Treatment for intense repair, while others may opt for OLAPLEX’s Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment to remove buildup and hard water and mineral deposits. By pricing these services separately, we ensure that clients only pay for what they need and understand the value that OLAPLEX brings to their haircare routine.

Bianca Hillier: As a professional colorist, I always add the cost of an OLAPLEX treatment to all my services so I can ensure the integrity of the hair is strong and healthy enabling me to achieve the client’s desired look. Since OLAPLEX should be left on for a minimum of 10 minutes, I am always explaining to the clients the science of what’s happening to their hair while the OLAPLEX sits and there is never any dispute about the service fee. For my clients, OLAPLEX is not optional. 

For all things OLAPLEX, make sure to visit olaplex.com and follow @olaplex on Instagram.

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