Our Favorite Brad Mondo Reaction Videos

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Someone supplying much entertainment right now is YouTuber and hairdresser Brad Mondo. On his channel, subscribers can find makeovers, how-to’s, reviews and more. But his best videos are his reactions to amateurs trying to dye or cut their hair at home.

There are many videos to choose from, but here are 5 of our favorites!

Fails and Freakouts

Some of the most entertaining videos unfortunately involve haircutting fails. In this one, viewers see Mondo react to a young girl cutting very short bangs and another girl giving herself choppy, uneven “layers.” The video ends with an at-home undercut with decent results, but still not up to Mondo’s professional standards.

Brad’s tip: “Cut a little bit of hair at a time and point cut it; don’t cut across.”

The Boyfriend Cut

Mondo’s reaction video to girls letting their boyfriends chop their hair is one you don’t want to miss! The haircuts go generally well in the video, but viewers are treated to some major cringing from Mondo throughout. The first cuts aren’t too bad, but the final cut comes out almost perfect. Even Mondo himself was shocked at the results!

Brad’s tip: “If anybody is about to cut a lot of their hair off, donate it. You can donate colored hair now.”

From Red to Blonde

While Mondo (and us) recommends not bleaching your own hair at home, it’s still an entertaining time watching it happen. This video features three girls somehow successfully turning their hair from red to platinum blonde at home. Mondo says it best when he states, “the hair gods were shining down on these people.”

Brad’s tip: “Hair always feels like straw after bleaching it, even if your hair is healthy. You just need to wash it a couple of times to get all that lightener out.”

Bleach & Balayage

Bleaching your entire head is one thing, but tackling something like balayage takes real technique. In this video, Mondo cringes the entire time, and we were right there with him! The results aren’t too bad until we see one girl using bleach on a paddle brush to brighten up her blonde. (Yes, you read that right—a paddle brush!)

Brad’s tip: “A great way to easily brighten balayage, highlights or blonde hair in general is to do a clarifying treatment.”

Life Changing Cuts

The satisfaction of watching someone with hair down to their waist cut it to their shoulder almost makes Mondo forgive these girls for taking matters into their own hands. The video starts off a little rocky, but by the end, Mondo simply recommends that the girls get some layers for added texture in their new bobs.

Brad’s tip: “If you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a rut or if your hair is fine, thin or fragile, get a haircut! You won’t regret it, I promise.”

Which Brad Mondo video is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!