10 Quarantine Hair Posts We Can All Relate to Right Now


While we’re staying home and self-quarantining, we’re all looking for ways to keep our boredom at bay. Whether it’s a puzzle or learning a new Tik-Tok dance, we’re all looking to spark joy. And what brings more joy than a funny post about the current state of our hair? 

Here are 10 funny posts about quarantine hair that we can all relate to.

Cutting your own bangs will not make it better


For some reason, women always feel the need to cut their bangs when going through a crisis, but trust us, they’re never going to turn out as great as the photo you use for reference. Unless you go to a pro…

We repeat: Do. Not. Cut. Your. Own. Bangs.


No matter what, just don’t do it!

At least you’ll be supported


At any rate, if you do decide to make the chop, chances are your friends will too. At least you’ll have someone to relate to during quarantine.

When stress causes rash decisions

Having this much time on our hands is dangerous for our hair.

When DIY goes so wrong

Unless you want to end up looking like Joe Exotic from Tiger King, now is not the time to try to DIY cut your hair.

And when it’s so right


On the other hand, trying out fun styles is 100% recommended.

The truth is almost out

Just know that you’re not alone when you have four inches of grown out hair by the end of this.

Explain to us again how salons aren’t essential businesses?


Let’s just say the salon is definitely the first place we’re going when the shelter-in-place orders are lifted.

Hairstylists miss the salon too


In tough times, stylists have to find creative ways to keep their skills up.

It’s not just the cuts and color we miss


The struggle is real for all of us, stylists and clients included.

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