OurX Wants to Create a New Standard for Textured Hair With Its Personalized Haircare Platform


Consumers with tighter textures are finally getting the extra care and attention that their curls and coils rightfully deserve thanks to a new hair company.

Meet OurX — a first-to-market, data-tech platform that was created with textured hair in mind. Billing itself as “creating a new standard for textured hair and scalp care,” OurX offers users individualized haircare regimens, one-on-one hair coaching, education, and community support to help them achieve their hair goals and needs.

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The groundbreaking platform was founded by Ceci Kurzman, a veteran music executive and board member at Revlon and Lanvin, who recognized the lack of investment, innovation, and data surrounding textured haircare and was inspired to bring her own offering to the table. 

“Presently, hair care remains segregated in the beauty and personal care industry, with solutions for those with textured hair remaining separate and unequal,” says Kurzman. “While celebrating the many powerful brands already shaping this category, OurX endeavors to use proven data to combat an oversimplified, one-size-fits all view of the textured hair consumer.”

Engineered for the Tightest Textures

Leveraging advanced AI and proprietary algorithms, OurX is able to deliver an unparalleled, personalized digital experience through content, coaching, and interactive education. The experience is centered around the brand’s app on ourx.co, which allows users to take an in-depth assessment—which includes a series of at-home hair health tests and personalized educational prompts—that collect comprehensive data on their hair and scalp attributes as well as their lifestyle and preferences. This data, combined with the input of certified hair experts, provides consumers with a customized, daily regimen and insight on how to manage their textured tresses.

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Included in each personalized regiment is a curation of treatment-based products, developed by OurX specifically for textured hair. At launch, there are seven hero products including a Scalp Serum and Detox Cleanse Complex. Designed to work together and boost the efficacy of each other, OurX products are formulated with hyaluronic acid, squalane, and innovative ingredients such as AI-created peptides. The best part? These haircare must-haves are influenced by celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright — who’s worked with the likes of Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington, and Tamron Hall — as well as leading dermatologist Dr. Jenna Lester.

Backed by Intentionally Diverse Investors

To head up OurX, Kurzman has tapped Meghan Maupin as CEO. Maupin co-founded customizable skin-care brand, Atolla, which was later acquired by Function of Beauty in 2021. And along with welcoming new leadership, the platform also recently raised a seed round led by Reign Ventures after securing additional “mission-aligned” angel investors. For those who don’t know, Reign Ventures is a tech-centered investment firm founded by two Black women, Erica Duignan Minnihan and Monique Mosley.

Image Courtesy: OurX

“We celebrate the visionaries at OurX who have unlocked a realm of personalized regiments, expert coaching, and transformative education for the diverse and intricate world of highly textured hair,” says Mosley and Minnihan, General Partners of Reign Ventures. “Their commitment to empowering individuals with tailored solutions sets a new standard in the industry, amplifying inclusivity, and fostering genuine self-expression.”

To learn more about the OurX platform, be sure to visit ourx.co/  or follow @ourxhair on Instagram.

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