Out of Exile: A Guide To Post-Apocalyptic Beauty


Quarantine has been challenging for all of us to say the least. However, perhaps this reset is showing us that hope is a good thing. And the things that we hold closest to our hearts are not things, but each other. 

This time in history is unprecedented. Because of an invisible enemy, we have closed ourselves in behind airtight walls. At the same time, we’re breaking down the 400-year-old walls of oppression and division between races.

At this time, the unique distinction is that no matter your country, race, creed or political affiliation, we are enduring these crises simultaneously. Remember that while the world is in chaos, we still have the ability to address the urgencies that plague our society — if we can come together as a species. 

Whatever your beliefs, the world is reminding us that the time for change is now. Many of us have become complacent and content with playing the cards we have been dealt. However, that’s not good enough anymore.

Never before has a “one people for one planet” ideology been more necessary. Either we come together in unity or we perish together as fools. 

The Beauty Professional is tasked daily with the honour and responsibility of bringing out the beauty in each individual. As a result, we open our eyes more regularly to the beauty that surrounds all of us. If we could activate that type of thinking and apply it to everyday life, imagine what we’d be capable of. 

Take this valuable lesson from our profession and use it as a reminder that each and every individual possesses beauty and value. In doing so, we must use our words and actions as vehicles to share good. Though our industry may not be deemed “essential,” the warmth we give to our communities and the trust they honour us with serves as a sound indication that our contributions are vital.

While the virus has taught us that we need to coexist — a valuable lesson and metaphor for what should (and inevitably will) be the new norm — history has shown us that we, as a species, have the ability to work together on a global scale without borders.

We have a collective goal for the future, where we all have the right to the life of our dreams. And after all that has transpired, perhaps we should all step back and ponder the origins of the word “mankind.”

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Norm Wright

Norm Wright is an award winning hair stylist and salon owner based in Toronto.


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