People of Color Beauty Offers Nail Polish for All Skin Tones


Founded by Jacqueline Carrington in 2019, People of Color Beauty is shaking up the nail industry. Offering nail polish shades for “people of color and those who live in color,” the brand prioritizes creating polishes that compliment various brown skin tones. The one-of-a-kind brand showcases a wide range of hues, aiming to make everyone feel seen and celebrated.

Dedicated to People of Color

After years of not knowing what a nail polish color would look like on her own hands, Carrington took it upon herself to create a space to showcase colors on skin tones similar to hers. Now, her brand works to better represent people of color and provides a space for those with various shades of brown skin to feel appreciated.

While their goal is to provide nail shades that compliment brown skin tones, the brand’s polishes are for anyone looking to add a little color to their life. The People of Color Beauty website features a gallery of photos for customers to see the polishes on a wide range of different skin tones. They even have a PoC Beauties Squad of brand ambassadors that further their mission and showcase their colors on the brand’s beautifully curated Instagram account.

Meaningful Polish

People of Color Beauty offers a variety of nail polish colors, ranging from bright shades and nudes to shimmers and glitter. Each polish comes with a story and represents much more than just nail color. The Lili’uokalani polish is a gorgeous shade of green that is reminiscent of the lush lands of Hawaii. Additionally, the purple Walk of Fame polish is inspired by the color of Hollywood’s famous monument. And Mother of Earth is a creamy shade of brown that pays homage to the woman who birthed civilization.

In addition to their gorgeous colors, People of Color also offers nail care products like nail polish remover and cuticle oils, along with base and top coats. Not to mention, all products are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free.

Needless to say, People of Color Beauty is changing the nail industry for the better, and we are so here for it!

Click here to browse the brand. And be sure to follow People of Color Beauty on Instagram for more.

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