Phyla: Skincare That Actually Treats The Root Of Acne


According to the National Institutes of Health, acne is the eighth most prevalent disease worldwide. People around the world deal with it on a day-to-day basis, but innovation in the category has come to a standstill. 

Many of the treatments used for teens are the same treatments their parents used 20-30 years ago, which may or may not work for you. The reason for their hit-or-miss results? Many of those products aren’t treating the root of acne. The products are simply anti-bacterial, meaning that they focus on killing all bacteria. Yet, there are many healthy bacterias that live on your face and help to balance your face’s microbiome. If you kill all the bacteria it could just lead to more acne. 

That’s why Phyla, the world’s most advanced probiotic acne system, is working to focus and fight only the specific bacteria that causes acne, C. Acne. Dr. Yug Varma, co-founder and CEO of Phyla, used his background in working with phages and microbiome technology to create the 3-Step Phyla Phage System which treats acne at the source. 

Dr. Varma joined Volume Up to dive into what acne is at the root, the misconceptions surrounding acne, the Phyla product line and why innovation for acne products is important. He also dove into our questions about microbiomes and how getting rid of acne can be about more than just beautiful skin. Head to wherever you stream to tune in!

“Our technology does just that. Instead of bombing your entire microbiome, we’ve developed a way that specifically goes after just the bad bacteria, instead of hurting all bacteria, and leaves the good bacteria behind so they can form a more resilient immunity and protect your skin.”

“The serum is our flagship product. It is the secret sauce which is live active phages. So you apply the serum to your face. It drops phages into every pore and it gets to work right away. Like I said, the way it works is it finds and kills the bad bacteria and balances your microbiome over and over and over again. So that slowly your body stops releasing the inflammation and you’re acne free.”

“This isn’t just some bulk product that was created in a factory overseas and you bring it in, formulate it, throw it in a bottle and start selling it. This is really biotechnology in a bottle.”

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