Podcast: Celebrity Colorists to Kim, Kourtney, Britney, Madonna – Meet George Papanikolas

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This week’s guest is George Papanikolas, a renowned celebrity stylist with Matrix. Papanikolas talks with Kelly Ehlers about working in salons all over the world, how he got into celebrity styling, and what looks he has done that has had an incredible impact on the beauty industry.

Papanikolas also discusses how he got involved with Matrix, as well as giving some insight into Matrix’s rebrand and his thoughts on it. George also talks a bit about his “side project”, flipping houses.

“But it was also the very beginning of Instagram. So it was that first big impact of like, Whoa, you created a look. And now I went viral.”

“Here’s the roadmap to get that final beauty look that you want that you consider beautiful, you know because again, it comes down to what we consider beautiful for each other and for ourselves.”

“It’s a similar part of my brain as when I’m in the salon. I’m doing a makeover.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream.