PRAVANA’s TRUITY is Giving Transparency a Place in Clean Haircare



When it comes to our beauty products, we all know that ingredients matter. It’s why we spend hours in the beauty aisle poring over the ingredients label of every serum, oil, and cleanser in search of toxic ingredients that could potentially harm our skin. But, what about our hair? The products that we put on our strands are just as important as the rest of our beauty routines and deserve the same consideration towards ingredients.

With so many products on the market all claiming to be clean and safe for your hair, it can probably feel overwhelming trying to filter through which brands actually deliver on their promise. That’s why PRAVANA is making transparency a top priority with their newest clean hair collection, TRUITY.

Unlike many hair brands that are quick to slap words like “natural” on their product’s packaging, TRUITY by PRAVANA takes a more honest approach when it comes to what’s inside their bottles. In fact, the brand makes a point to list the exact percentage of every single one of their ingredients on the front of each bottle, so stylists can have some piece of mind about the haircare products that they use.

But, the line, which includes a cleansing shampoo, conditioner, and thermal blow dry cream,  offers more than just transparency. TRUITY prides itself on providing clean, vegan, and color-safe haircare — without compromising on the high performance and results that stylists know their clients love.

Featuring a blend of naturally-derived ingredients like shine-inducing coconut oil, hydrating elfe flower extract, and cuticle-protecting pea protein, the collection is infused with essential science that’s proven to not only add hydration and shine to strands, but will also leave them feeling soft and silky. Better yet, all of their product formulations are free from animal-derived ingredients, parabens, SLS/SLES sulfates, silicone, gluten, and mineral oil.

If you’re a stylist that’s ready to bring some truth and clarity to your client’s hair care, be sure to purchase the line at any East Coast Salon Supply, Island Beauty, Life of Riley Salon Supply, Paramount Beauty, SalonCentric, State|RDA Pro Mart, and Twin States stores nationwide. To learn more about the line, make sure to follow @pravana on Instagram.

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