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The catwalks were filled with hair trends we can’t wait to try in 2018. One that’s no surprise? Accessories. *eye-roll* Obviously this “trend” is nothing new. Whether it was the infamous butterfly clips of the ‘90s or even the fierce, feathered headbands on 1920s flappers, hair stylists have worked their way around accessories for decades.

Still, we’ll need to ready our blow dryers and shears to prep for a 2018 hair decor comeback. This year, it’s about more than the cut, product and style. With scarves, scrunchies, headbands, barrettes and more, we’ll also have to factor in how our clients will want to accessorize – great, another potential complaint.

Got a girl looking to make a commitment and rock a classic bang? Rather than sending her to the depths of bobby pin Hell – we all know those horrible, tiny “poofs” – suggest one of the many headband options on this year’s style radar. Elastic sweatbands offer a sportier vibe, while floral options channel the Coachella look we love to hate. Looking to make a statement? This year, headbands embellished with pearls, beads and jewels are equally as appropriate.

What about the client who’s growing out an old cut and seeking something sleek and well-maintained? Barrettes and clips are always an option for keeping those flyaways in place. Find two stylish barrettes and put them on either side of a middle-part, just above the ears, for a clean and classic look that keeps hair out of the face without settling for the lazy and unreliable ear-tuck technique.

If your client is sick of their standard messy bun but still wants a day off from their long locks, point them to the always-reliable scrunchy. Although a shock that this accessory made it to the runway, the new generation of scrunchies is not nearly as obnoxious as their ‘80s counterpart. Instead of bright neons and tacky fabric, these accessories have more fashionable textures and colors: from blue suede to bronzey silk. Also, we’re done pairing one with a high pony (Sorry Paula Abdul. We loved American Idol!). Now, it’s all about securing textured hair at the base of the neck for a much more polished look.

And of course, because we know you Salon Pros are all about going the #extra mile, there are even options for the clients that want something really out there. For longer styles, wrap the length of a ponytail in a silk scarf or slip on a plastic tube (no, really – this is a thing). And if that’s still not enough, bring on the tiaras!

The possibilities are endless for the upcoming year. Be sure to consider how these fun additions will play into a client’s style, and if all else fails, never forget the OGs: bobby pins and black hair ties.