Quannah Chasinghorse is Paul Mitchell’s New Global Ambassador


If you don’t already know Quannah Chasinghorse’s name, you most certainly should. The trailblazing Indigenous model, climate activist, and land protector is one of the most prominent voices advocating for Indigenous representation in beauty. 

Already such a huge force in the industry, Chasinghorse is now stepping into a brand new role as the newest face of John Paul Mitchell Systems. The haircare leader recently named the model and activist as the global ambassador for Paul Mitchell. To kick off the partnership, Chasinghorse will be starring in the brand’s “Iconic Campaign,” which celebrates bold, fearless trailblazers.  

Image Courtesy: Paul Mitchell

“I am honored to partner with Pual Mitchell and celebrate what it means to be iconic, embodying your boldest self and style. Working with a family-first brand that champions self-expression means a great deal,” Chasinghorse said in a statement. “Growing up, I struggled with my looks. I didn’t feel beautiful since I didn’t fit standard beauty ideals. I realized I would never fit the mold, so I learned to love myself and embrace my authentic features and heritage. I feel most confident and powerful when representing my heritage and using my voice to stand up for myself, my culture, and my homeland.”

The very definition of a modern icon, Chasinghorse has continued to break barriers, shape beauty, and champion her heritage through her unique style while still using her voice to advocate for a better future. Working as a climate activist since she was 17 years old, she has also been able to advocate for climate action and the preservation of Indigenous lands. 

“I grew up seeing my mom work so hard for her people—she taught me that there’s no shame in speaking up,” said, Chasinghorse, who’s a member of the Hän Gwich’in (from Alaska and Canada) and Oglala Lakota (from South Dakota) tribes.

To support Chasinghorse’s commitment to preserving and protecting our world and its people, Paul Mitchell has partnered with Nia Tero, a non-profit that works in solidarity with Indigenous peoples worldwide. With this charitable partnership, there will be both monetary and awareness initiatives throughout the year.

“We are honored to have Quannah as part of the Paul Mitchell family,” said Michaeline DeJoria, Chief Executive Officer of John Paul Mitchell Systems. “Her commitment to self expression and authenticity is inspiring, as is her unwavering determination to honor her heritage and efforts to protect our planet. Quannah is an absolute force and carries herself with such grace. She exemplifies our brand values and reminds us to push boundaries and lead with love, care, and compassion. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her as a partner.”

The Iconic Campaign starring Quannah Chasinghorse is currently rolling out across media platforms and paulmitchell.com. For more exciting news from Paul Mitchell, make sure to follow @paulmitchell on Instagram

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