R+COLOR Will Soon Be Available at SalonCentric Stores Nationwide


Big news for R+Co fans: the brand’s much-loved professional hair color line, R+COLOR, is officially launching at SalonCentric.

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As of July 1st, hair pros will be able to shop all of their R+COLOR favorites—ranging from permanent and semi permanent shades to lighteners and liqui-creme developer— at SalonCentric stores nationwide as well as online at SalonCentric.com and at State|RDA store, thanks to the brand’s new partnership with the retailer. Along with having the complete R+COLOR portfolio at their fingertips, SalonCentric shoppers will also have access to color from the core R+Co range, too.

With the launch of R+COLOR into SalonCentric, R+Co will be able to broaden its support for the hair colorist community with best-in-class service and access.

“We are so excited about partnering with SalonCentric,” says Tev Finger, CEO of Luxury Brand Partners. “It lets us provide our salon partners with an exceptional experience and easy, fast access to the products they need. As someone who grew up in a salon… I know better than anyone the cost of running out of color.”

Image courtesy of R+Co

“SalonCentric and Luxury Brand Partners have had an incredible relationship for many years,” said Todd Hildum, Prescient of Sales at Luxury Brand Partners. “With the ever-changing needs of the salon and stylist community, they are the perfect partner to keep us rooted in the professional channel and reach a broader group of hair colorists.”

Members of both the R+Co and SalonCentric leadership teams both echoed these sentiments, sharing their excitement for the partnership.

“We are excited to welcome R+COLOR into SalonCentric and State|RDA stores and to SalonCentric.com,” said LeAnn Bobitt, SVP of Brand Strategy & Development for SalonCentric. “We’ve had an incredible relationship with Luxury Brand Partners for many years now that has resulted in some amazing brands and products joining the SalonCentric community. We can’t wait to introduce R+COLOR to our stylists, and suite and salon owners —we are sure they will be as excited as we are by this state-of-the-art brand.”

“When we started developing the line we met with hundreds of hair colorists and asked them what their dream hair color line would be,” said Elisa Fischer, SVP at R+COLOR. “Many of those requests are embedded in R+COLOR’s DNA like bond builders, fragrance-free formulas, 100% sustainable packaging and ammonia-free lighteners. It was also critical for their dream line to have convenient, easy access which is tremendously enhanced by the SalonCentric store network — a best-in-class color destination for salons everywhere.”

For those unfamiliar with R+COLOR, the professional hair color line launched in 2023 and is rooted in the salon, editorial, and fashion worlds. All of the products focus on high performance, stylist wellness, and environmental sustainability and are influenced by the R+COLOR Collective, which is made up of the best colorists, hair professionals, and visionaries in the industry. The R+COLOR Collective is led by VP of Color Development Richy Kandasamy and Renée Valerie, and includes the likes of Jay Wesley Olson, Cameron Kepford, Shellory Gregory, Marwa Bashir, and Jenna Perry

Image courtesy of R+Co

“R+Co was built on a collective approach to products and education. By bringing together the best stylists in the industry we could debate and innovate based on multiple vs. singular perspectives,” said Dan Langer, President of R+Co. “That was a critical component of R+COLOR—we wanted the colorist known for blondes to influence those shades, and the expert in reds to shape that collection and the go-to stylists for brunettes to opine on the browns. With the Collective, we could create a line where every shade was best-in-class.”

Speaking on the significance of R+COLOR’s launch at Salon Centric, salon owner and R+COLOR Collective member Jay Wesley Olson shared, “As a salon owner, my team depends on the stores to make their color purchases every day and this is a game changer for them. With the careful selection of the very best raw materials, the latest technology, along with an incredible team and legacy, I believe R+COLOR is on the verge of redefining hair color! I am truly looking forward to the partnership with SalonCentric and galvanizing our mission of elevating the industry together.”

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