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R+COLOR — from, no surprise, R+Co — is a new, modern hair color line rooted in the salon, editorial, and fashion worlds. Influenced by a best-in-class collective of colorists (we’re talking Richy KandasamyRenée ValerieGina Khan, Jay Wesley Olson, Cameron KepfordShelley GregoryMarwa Bashir and Jenna Perry) and designed for the most uncompromising salons, this state-of-the-art range focuses on high performance, stylist wellness and environmental sustainability.

R+COLOR is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified, fragrance-free as well as free of gluten, PPD, resorcinol, formaldehyde, parabens, and silicones to reflect the needs and mindsets of the contemporary haircolorist and consumer community.

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A true collaboration, R+COLOR draws upon the expertise and perspective of the above R+COLOR Collective, comprised of the industry’s top colorists whose influence extends beyond the salon chair — as celebrity and editorial colorists, content creators, educators, salon owners and trend setters. The R+COLOR product mix includes permanent, liquid and crème demi-permanent and semi-permanent shades in unique tonal families built for customizable results. Lightener is offered in clay, powder, ammonia-free powder, and crème formulas. Five SKUs of liqui-crème developer join the range to round out the color category. Ancillary products like pre- and post-color treatments, stain barrier crème and biodegradable stain remover wipe bring the total SKUs to 152 — everything a haircolorist needs.

Hair Color

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  • Omnipresent – Liqui-crème permanent hair color available in 60 shades. Contains finely ground dyes with superior pigments offering deeper penetration, and consistent results, leaving the hair with an intense healthy shine.
  • Stellar – Demi-permanent, high-performing, ammonia-free liquid color available in 41 shades. Quick to apply, ensuring coverage from scalp to ends with intense dye to cover gray, while imparting shine. 
  • Star Sign – Demi-permanent ammonia-free crème color available in 21 shades. Provides beautiful opaque gray coverage, intense depth, dimension, and tone for luxurious color that lasts.
  • Half Truth – This semi-permanent ammonia-free range is available in 17 Shades. It’s a vibrant suite of artistic shades for the modern colorist on the cutting edge of editorial and fashion.


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  • ELECTRONICA Crème Lightener – A must-have, moisture-rich, luxurious formula that can be used for various applications. This fragrance-free conditioning lightener boasts superior spreadability and is perfect for all-over lightening.
  • CHAIRLIFT Powder Lightener – Ultra-fast lifting powder lightener is blended into ultra-fine particles to ensure even lift from scalp to ends. Ideal for on-the-scalp applications as well as highlighting with foil or meches.
  • SNOWFALL Ammonia Free Powder Lightener – This powder lightener is blended into ultra-fine particles to ensure even lift from scalp to ends. Ideal for on-the-scalp applications as well as highlighting with foil or meches. 
  • LUNAR Dust Clay Lightener – This modern white clay lightener is ideal for free-hand, balayage, or open-air techniques. Its unique clay base dries externally to inhibit overlap, while its inner moisture-rich core lightens. Coconut Oil infused formula imparts unparalleled softness and shine.

The Importance of Stylist + Client Wellness

R+COLOR’s Sustainable, ethical, Leaping Bunny certified formulations are vegan, cruelty-free and do not contain gluten, PPD, resorcinol, formaldehyde, parabens, and silicones. A full complement of unique ammonia-free and mineral oil-free options have also been integrated throughout the collection to help ensure the gentlest color applications.

All formulations are fragrance-free to remove a key driver of sensitivities from hair color — which is especially beneficial to colorists who work with hair color products all day. Accessories were also designed with an eye on colorists’ health. Latex-free, oatmeal-infused gloves hydrate, (yep, that’s right) soothe and protect the colorists’ hands.

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Packaging and Sustainability

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Created with the future in mind, environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of the R+COLOR collection. R+Co is committed to giving materials a second life and reducing their carbon footprint. R+COLOR is the first hair color brand in the world to launch a demi-permanent product using recycled aluminum: their demi-permanent bottles are 100% recycled aluminum with caps that are 60% recycled aluminum.

In addition:

  • All R+COLOR hair color tubes are made from 100% recycled aluminum
  • All R+COLOR hair color caps are made from 100% PCR
  • R+COLOR Demi hair color bottle is made from 100% recycled aluminum + 60% recycled aluminum cap + 50% PCR label (biodegradable + compostable)
  • All R+COLOR developer bottles are comprised of 50% PCR; hair color ancillary bottles are made from 50% – 100% PCR
  • All 100% PCR cartons are made from 100% certified renewable energy — Green-E Certified
  • All cartons are made with FSC cardboard
  • R+COLOR’s Vanishing Act is a first-to-market stain-remover wipe that is biodegradable

R+COLOR is available at R+Co salons nationwide. For more on R+COLOR visit their website.

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