Reaching For the Hair and Touching the Soul

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Everyday, hair artists all over the world have the opportunity to make a massive impact on lives. Within minutes of meeting a new guest, we are in their bubble, physically touching their head and talking about insecurities they might have.

Due to this immediate, intimate contact, our guests tend to open up to us and trust us with intimate conversations and heavy emotions. While the mental health of a hair artist is a topic for a whole different article, this one will focus on the power we have to help change the world.

Laugh if you must, but I truly feel the connections we have with our guests allow us to dig deep into their spirits and leave them not only feeling physically beautiful, but mentally uplifted and recharged.

I know you have all seen this transformation happen before your eyes –– that glow a guest has when they get up from your chair. And I’m not just talking about that shiny hair, honey! I like to think of this moment when they leave your chair as the beginning of the ripple effect. They now walk out into the world beaming at a higher vibration, lifting anyone that comes into contact with them.

The conversations we have, the love we share, the stories we tell, all have an impact. Think back to your childhood hair artist. You might remember a hairstyle here and there (like the adorable little bowl cut I rocked for most of my childhood). But personally, I remember the feeling I had when I left the salon.

I don’t remember every story that was told, but do I remember the laughs and the smiles. 

What we do is much more than “just hair.” No matter the market or the style of salon you work in, you have an opportunity to make a difference in the daily lives of your guests and surrounding artists. Find the beauty, and we will all make the world a more beautiful place. Be the change.

Kat Collett
Kat Collett
Kat Collett is a Kansas City based hairstylist and salon owner. She also works as an International Educator for Pulp Riot and as a Brand Ambassador for Olaplex.