Reclaim Body Hair With Andis’ New Women’s Trimmer


Anyone else spent quarantine reevaluating every step in their daily routine –– from foods we indulge in to the parts of our “me time” that refuel us best? When it comes to my beauty routine, I’ve been wondering how I can make body hair less of a chore and more of a self care activity. As a result, I’ve decided trimming and shaping with the Andis Women’s Personal Trimmer is a total must.

The Andis Women’s Trimming Line includes a Wet + Dry Shaver (left) and Trimmer (right) in a beautiful rose gold colorway

It’s About More Than The Hair

When I first heard about this product, a friend asked “Why would you need a trimmer when you can use a razor?” It was then I realized how many women think the only way to wear their down-there-hair is to wear none at all. Or, if they did want to groom, they’d have to fight with razors that were only designed to create a single (read: shaved) look.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to trim or shape pubic hair with a razor, but let me tell you –– it is not a pleasant experience. Creating clean lines is a tedious chore, shape is pretty much restricted to straight angles that match your one blade and you might as well forget setting length. 

While, for guys, it’s standard to own a grooming kit. For them, a trimmer and its guards become a multi-use tool to keep their hairline, facial hair and yes, personal hair, exactly how they want it. So, why should women be stuck with a tool that chooses their preferences for them?

The Andis Women’s Personal Trimmer

Finding Your Down-Under Style

When Andis announced its Women’s Line this summer, I was excited about the launch of the Wet + Dry Shaver. However, what I was really waiting for was the drop of the Personal Trimmer. Not only does the Trimmer have everything my disposable razor didn’t, the collection was also built on the importance of sustainability and body positivity. Yes and yes. 

If you’re curious about giving yourself a below-the-belt makeover during quarantine, be sure to sanitize your tools first (that trusty Barbicide does the job just fine) before taking the following steps:

1. Prep Hair & Skin

Pubic hair comes with its own set of maintenance rules. For one, the hair is often more coarse. Also, it’s proximity to bodily bacteria makes washing beforehand extremely important. Use warm-to-hot water to soften the skin and hair before washing with soap. Using a tool, such as a loofah, to exfoliate also removes any dead skin for better prep. Finally, if you have extra coarse or curly hair, consider gently combing through to avoid snags later on.

2. Trim With The Growth Pattern

This step is a must for a comfy groom. Not only does lifting the hair off the skin affect the way the style naturally sits, it’s also a recipe for disastrous irritation. Going “against the grain,” so to speak tug at the hair and could lead to razor burn or bumps. Instead, create a smooth glide using shaving cream or soap, and follow your hair’s natural direction for a struggle-free trim.

3. Start Gradually At The Edges

The whole point of this tool is that it enables personal grooming –– as in you can choose your style. The Trimmer comes with four guards to help determine your length. However, whether you’re just looking to contain the edges of your or really trim the hedges, I encourage you to start slow and at the corners. This allows you to experiment with different looks and find the one that looks and feels right for you!

4. Finish With A Shaver

Finally, if you’re going for that super smooth finish, you can go over any stray hairs or stubble with a shaver. Of course, the Wet + Dry Shaver is a great option that was made to pair with the Trimmer. It uses the same rechargeable, reusable battery and Andis’ professional cutting technology. Plus, this miracle tool can be used wet or dry –– another awesome perk for anyone plagued by razor rash.

So, if you’re sick of the maintenance, getting stuck on prickly stubble or just want to test out a new style, a tool like the Andis Women’s Personal Trimmer is a great addition. Adding one to your arsenal does more than substitute for disposable razors. It gives comfort, confidence and the freedom to wear your body hair however you want. 

The Andis Women’s Personal Trimmer is $49.99 and available here. And for more on the Wet + Dry Shaver, also $49.99, check out our recent article.

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