Reduce Your Plastic Waste With These 6 Refillable Hair Products


As pretty as all our favorite hair products look sitting on our shelves, the harsh reality is that your favorite bottle of shampoo or conditioner will more than likely end up going straight to a landfill. According to National Geographic, only nine percent of plastic actually ever gets recycled. 

And, in case you didn’t already know, the hair and beauty industry is the biggest offester for creating plastic waste, contributing more than 120 billion units of packaging every year globally, per a report from Zero Waste Week. The good news is the industry as a whole is making strides to minimize its environmental impact by making products with refillable components. In fact, so many hair brands like OUAI and amika have now made a point to offer refills of their popular shampoos and conditioners.

The idea behind refillable hair products is that they are designed to never be thrown out—when your product runs out, you can refill just the formula rather than buying a whole new bottle of shampoo or conditioner. The great thing about this concept is not only do you get to help the planet by reducing plastic waste, but you also save some money and get to enjoy your product’s original packaging for much longer.

So, without further ado, scroll through for our rundown of some incredible refillable hair products that you need to try right now.

amika 3D Volume and Thickening Shampoo Refill

This weightless shampoo is the key to full, healthier-looking locks thanks to its patented blend of ingredients which includes hair growth stimulating redensyl. While this shampoo is available in all sizes—from 2 fl oz to 1L—reach for this 500 ml pouch the next time your container is almost out instead of buying another new bottle.

Promising review from amika: Savie says, “I love how easy it was to refill the bottle with the pouch! Now I don’t have to buy a bottle every time! This makes it so much easier! Super easy to get the product out, too!”

Shop: amika 3D Volume and Thickening Shampoo Refill, $39.00

Public Goods Conditioner Refill

Formulated with all-natural ingredients and a carefully curated blend of essential oils, this nourishing conditioner will deeply hydrate and protect your hair from environmental damage, leaving your strands softer and more manageable. Not only is this refill pouch good for the environment—it results in less waste!—but, it’s also good for your wallet as one of these pouches can refill your conditioner bottle three times. 

Promising review from Public Goods: Elaine says, “I enjoy this product as it helps save the planet by buying in bulk as a refill. I also like the product itself as it leaves my hair feeling soft  & does a great job of detangling.”

Shop: Public Goods Conditioner Refill, $14.95

Ouai Fine Hair Conditioner Refill Pouch

Add some softness, bounce, and volume to fine hair with the help of this lightweight conditioner that’s formulated with strengthening keratin, biotin, and chia seed oil. This handy refill pouch uses approximately 60 percent less plastic than a new conditioner bottle and can replenish your bottle more than three times.

Promising review from Ouai: Rachel says, “This conditioner is my forever go-to hair savior! My hair is long and healthy, full and shiny, and gets tons of compliments. The pouch makes me feel even better about my purchase.”

Shop: Ouai Fine Hair Conditioner Refill Pouch, $60.00

Hairstory New Wash Original

Replace your go-to shampoo and conditioner with this creamy hair cleanser that cleans and conditions your locks without harmful detergents. Housed in an eco-friendly pouch, Hairstory’s New Wash is super sustainable and even offers refillable offerings —you can purchase a refill subscription to help save on single-use plastic. 

Promising review from Hairstory: Veronica says, “I feel like my showers are shorter because I’m consolidating products and really appreciate being able to have a sustainable way to wash my hair. I’m always happy to cut corners in my routine and my fine curly hair has never felt better. With everything going on in the world right now, I’ll take any indulgence I can get. Hairstory paired with a shampoo brush has been a much-need treat to my day.” 

Shop: Hairstory New Wash Original, $44.00

NatureLab. Tokyo Smooth Conditioner Refill

Fight frizz and achieve smooth, flawless locks with this lightweight, oil-infused conditioner from NatureLab. Tokyo. Formulated with potent Argan Stem Cells, quinoa proteins, and Yuzu ceramides, this conditioner comes packaged in an easy-to-use refill pouch that contains 85 percent less plastic than two full-size bottles.

Promising review from NatureLab. Tokyo: Victoria says, “For reference, I have thick, straight, Asian hair that needed a lot of love after being put through two years of bleach and dyes. This is actually one of the best conditions that I’ve tried that worked exactly as advertised. The smell is amazing, very refreshing, and citrus-y, and I love that I can just purchase the refill to reduce waste by a little.”

Shop: NatureLab. Tokyo Smooth Conditioner Refill, $23.00

Kerastase Paris Chroma Absolu Color Care Shampoo Refill Pouch

Consider this Kerastase shampoo as the ultimate color care solution for your colored hair. Not only does it preserve your hair color from fading, but it also provides glossy, healthy, and vibrant shine to your hair. This eco-refill pouch is made with 82 percent less plastic than two Kerastase 250ml shampoo bottles.

Promising review from Kerastase Paris: Linnea says, “I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like this shampoo. I have very thick, long hair and I didn’t have to use a lot to get a really thick, rich lather—which is a huge plus for me. Even though I use a lot of styling products, it easily removes every trace of residue and leaves my hair feeling thoroughly clean. It actually makes washing my hair feel like a luxurious experience. Plus, the scent is amazing!”

Shop: Keratase Paris Chroma Absolu Color Care Shampoo Refill Pouch, $52.00

Do you use refillable hair products? Let us know in the comments below!

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