Robert Cromeans On Planning New Salon Procedures Post COVID-19


With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on salons and barbershops nationwide, hairstylists and salon owners are facing tremendous uncertainty. With this time away from work, they are being forced to reevaluate how to service clients and operate their businesses safely once they reopen. One salon owner giving an inside look at how the entire industry must change is Paul Mitchell Global Artistic and Business Director, Robert Cromeans.

Late last week, Cromeans took to IGTV to show the changes he’s already made to his San Diego salon and discusses what will happen after the pandemic.

Time for Change

As Cromeans walks through the empty space, he notes that many chairs have been removed, and styling products are no longer communal. When the salon reopens, they’re “going to be working with only 10 people in the building.”

Cromeans also shares that magazines have already been taken out of the waiting area, and styling books are next. “One thing that’s going to be very clear to every single guest is safety measures and the things that we’re doing [to create] fewer touch points,” he says.

Need for Safety

Cromeans also discusses the amount of demand the salon industry will see once the pandemic is over. But, he asserts, “the one thing you will not be allowed to do moving forward is squeeze people in. We can’t stack ‘em and rack ‘em.” Although packing in appointments may be tempting, it is an unhealthy practice that could overwork stylists.

He also notes the importance of providing a good experience and a safe space for clients. “We’re thinking about how we can isolate, give [clients] more protection and comfort and still give them an exceptional experience. And I think by slowing it down, we’ll be in more control of the experience we do offer, which I think is a great thing.”

Cromeans ends the reassuring video with a message for clients and stylists alike. “We are going to celebrate clients like never before because we miss them as much as they miss us.”

What changes are you thinking of putting in place when you’re back behind the chair? Let us know in the comments.

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