Setting the Tone


Fashion can be defined in so many ways. I’m not talking about Gucci bags or Ferragamo shoes. While those certainly add to the overall look, they are simply accessories. When I meet someone with a bag to die for or shoes that cost more than most people’s rent –– but also dry, unhealthy hair or a color that simply doesn’t flatter them, the look is ruined.

Skin, complexion and even the shape of a client’s face should be the anchors of color and style choices. Therefore, failure to do so is a missed opportunity for putting together the whole picture. Think of it this way: The look becomes a Polaroid rather than a Picasso.

Our eyes reflect our soul, and if you can’t see them, you can’t intimately connect with a person. And when I say “see,” I don’t mean they are covered by your bangs. I mean the hair surrounding the eyes doesn’t draw them out enough as the foremost vision.

Additionally, creating this art requires a deep understanding of your client and their goals, as well as the ability to discuss their comfort level. Furthermore, having these conversations requires trust –– something that is not expected, but earned. For me, I work to earn that trust in every encounter.

Getting to know your clients as a person is a critical first step. For me and my guests, it all starts with a clear, honest consultation to establish this long-lasting, trusting relationship. I get my ideas here by sitting in front of them, feeling their energy and connecting. In doing so, this makes clients feel relaxed, safe and comfortable.

Then, I consider their skin tone, eye color, best facial features and how they are wearing their hair at that time. Additionally, I take notice of details, such as if they are wearing high heels or sneakers, a yoga outfit  or a tailored suit, a designer bag or simply holding a credit card. These observations determine everything else!

I ask them if they see themselves as a brunette or a blonde. From there, I create a custom tone, shade and shape that complements their skin tone, suits their lifestyle and enhances their features while explaining how long it will take to get their desired look.

Next, this conversation includes asking what they have to invest in this personal transformation. I explain my price step by step to reinforce the value in achieving their desired result. Although this may be the most delicate and difficult subject to master, once you know your value, having this conversation becomes easier.

Finally, my service is special and my guests look forward to coming to see me every month. For us, this isn’t just about hair. It becomes a friendship where they can find their zen, relax and get full attention from me and my team.

With clients of different appearances and lifestyles come innumerable expectations. To take someone’s look and blend it into what’s best for their features creates a transformation full of artistic expression. This is where I shine. When I finish my work and the first words I hear are, “Oh my goodness! I love it!” I know I found the soul in those eyes.

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Sonia Galante

Sonia Galante is a proud female owner and colorist at SoniaZaraHair. Being born and raised in Italy, fashion and culture are truly embedded in her DNA. The European culture and passion for all things style fuel her passion for fashion.


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