Skin Actives- Advanced Ageless Brows & Lash Serum

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Our October Box is still available and it’s filled with tons of great products that we are loving! So today, we’re going to tell you about one of the amazing products featured in our October Box….The Skin Actives Advanced Ageless Brow & Lash Serum. 

This serum has ROS BioNet and Apocynin, two of the main ingredients in the Skin Actives Advanced Ageless line. Whether you have great brows or could use some extra help, we all know that the thicker and fuller lashes & brows… The better! Thicker brows frame your face and long lashes draw more attention to your eyes to make them pop. This serum helps brows and lashes to look longer, stronger and thicker without changing hair or eye color. 

Skin Actives backs their formulas by science, their products are both nourishing and rejuvenating for skin and hair! Apocynin is an active ingredient as old as the plants that make it and ROS BioNet is an exclusive combination of antioxidant proteins created by Skin Actives Scientific in their lab. These proteins fight to prevent damage of the hair. Another one of the key ingredients is KFG, Keratinocyte Growth Factor. KFG has been found to promote healthy hair by stimulating cell growth and encouraging natural growth! 

The serum is very easy to use, just apply to clean skin on both the brow line and lash line twice a day! Use for 2-6 months and you’ll see great results! 


We love and appreciate a company with good values. Skin Actives products are all made in the United States, creating local and national jobs and are cruelty free! 

For more information on this awesome line, visit the Skin Actives website, www.skinactives.com or @skin_actives on Instagram!