So, Do You Really Want That Color?


It’s no surprise that your clients don’t know everything about how hair color works. Everyone has had that moment when a client shows them their inspo photos and it’s clear that this will be virtually impossible in one session. But how do you properly communicate that to them? Josh Comeaux came up with a product to help!

Josh Comeaux has always been into styling his own hair. For his 13th birthday, he asked his parents for a pair of clippers, and in the summer of 1998 he got his wish.  After continually cutting hair through high school, in 2005, he decided to enroll in cosmetology school. For his 29th birthday, he set a goal that he would open a salon in 1 year. Ten months later “Hair” opened up to the public. 

From there his empire only grew, he decided to create his own hair oil, enter Monte Rio Hair & Body Oil. And when he saw a need to help stylists create virally trending looks, ColorMap was born. This patented technology helps artists visually see results before application and is used by numerous educators across the globe to teach color theory!

As he moves forward with building Josh Comeaux Hair, his goal is to educate and motivate more stylists to be their best. 

Josh joins us to talk us through his stylist journey as well as the manufacturing process with his two products. With a product as cool as ColorMap, it is a must hear story before you head to his site and grab one for yourself. 

“So I would say, try it all. Because you’ll never know when you’re going to use it. At least you know about it and if you don’t ever do it, you can talk about it.”

“One of the first things I learned from one of the barbers in my town was ‘it’s not how good you can cut, it’s how well you can fix it’.”

“Best value in it is incorporating into client consultation. A lot of people don’t understand, sometimes they can’t get the results they want, but you can show them an option that they’ll be happy with. And that extra 15 minutes of formulating, going through, adds value to your service, adds for a better experience.”

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