Surviving the UK Shutdowns – Barbershops and Education

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Award-winning barber, barbershop owner and international educator Josh O’Meara-Patel was this week’s guest. Josh talks to Jeffery Lunnen about how he got into the hair industry, his transition between different roles, and the connotations of barbershops.

Josh discusses the shutdowns in the UK and how it was owning a barbershop during the closing, opening and reclosing on repeat. He shares how owning a fairly new business can be affected by this and what needed to be done to make sure those that worked in the barbershop were taken care of.

Josh also talked about his experience with education, how he got into it and how education is adapting today. Josh gave some insight into his online academy and how it has allowed connections to be made all over the world.  It has allowed a community to be created and Josh has been able to see his curriculum at work in people’s lives!

Don’t miss Josh talking about the inspiration behind his book The Irreplaceable: Volume One and what it means to him!

“I was never even artistic in school. I mean, I’ve got a tattoo that says, ‘I failed art’ because my teacher told me I wasn’t allowed to take art. She said I didn’t have an artistic bone in my body.”

“Whereas having the online academy, we’ve been able to literally build friendships, and relationships with people all over the world and watch them develop and grow over a whole year.”

“I always have talked a lot about psychology and mentality, and I always believe that mindset is 80% of success.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream. 

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey