Sustainable Swimwear: Indigo Wild Wants to Clean Up Fashion


Earth Day may be over, but continuing to support sustainable brands that want to make the planet a cleaner place is more important than ever. Whether it be hair, beauty or fashion, shopping sustainably is something everyone should consider. One clothing brand prioritizing sustainability is Indigo Wild. Offering all your swimwear needs, the Hawaii-based brand prides itself on producing ethically made clothing in biodegradable fabrics.

Founded in 2014 by Shelby Yorks, Indigo Wild’s mission is to deliver activewear and swimwear that’s “safer for our current lives and the lives of the future.” What began with Yorks’ hand-sewing and dyeing every product in Hawaii has transformed into an entire ecosystem that is ethical for all.

Biodegradable Fabrics

Indigo Wild is truly working towards changing the fashion industry by showing that we don’t need to use harmful materials to create good clothing. They use biodegradable fabrics that break down in only 3-5 years, a process that according to the brand can take up to 200 years for most textiles used in the industry.

The unique fabric is designed to break down to its basic components without leaving behind any unnatural substances. And even though the fabric will easily decompose, all clothing holds onto its softness and durability until it’s discarded. So, you never need to worry about your items losing their quality! Not to mention, Indigo Wild uses eco-friendly mailers to ship all goods.

All of Your Swimwear Needs

Offering leggings, bikinis, bodysuits and more, Indigo Wild is the perfect brand to shop as we transition into warmer weather. Each handmade piece of clothing comes in several different pattern options and will leave you feeling confident while protecting the planet.

The Sunseeker Bodysuit can be proudly worn as a swimsuit or for yoga, dance and everyday wear. With cute side cutouts and fun patterns, it’s fully reversible and adjustable if need be. Alternatively, the Mahina Skirt is a simple but flattering design that comes in many different colors, features a fun tie around the waist and is fairly customizable. It’s perfect as a bathing suit coverup or as part of an everyday look.

In addition to activewear and swimwear, Indigo Wild also offers accessories, like bucket hats, scrunchies and sarongs.

Needless to say, if you’re looking for a new sustainable brand to support this summer, Indigo Wild is the way to go! Click here to shop the brand, and be sure to follow them on Instagram for more.

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