Go Green This Earth Day by Shopping These Sustainable Fashion Brands


When it comes to shopping, it can be easy to go for cheaply made, fast fashion pieces. But what we often don’t consider is the effect that these unethical brands have not only their overworked employees but on the environment as well. While shopping at ethically made fashion brands can sometimes come with a hefty price tag, it’s important that we, as consumers, continue to support those working towards a better future. This Earth Day, consider trading in your cheaply made pieces for more ethical and sustainable brands instead.

From active and lounge wear to denim and more formal pieces, here are six sustainable fashion brands to shop for Earth Day and every day.


With a mission to bring sustainable clothing to everyone, Reformation has really set the standard for eco-friendly fashion. Offering everything from jeans and dresses to activewear and wedding gowns, the feminine brand is trendy, cute and one of a kind. They partner with the Fair Labor Association to ensure their workers are happy, they make everything from low-impact materials and are a 100% carbon neutral company. Not to mention, everything is made in small quantities and of the highest quality. Click here to shop Reformation now.


Pact uses organic cotton to create sustainable and ethically made clothing items. With a goal of being Earth’s Favorite™, the brand dedicates itself to providing comfortable and fashionable pieces for the whole family. With everything from underwear and socks to tops and bottoms for men, women and kids, Pact has something for everyone! They even use paper envelopes and cardboard boxes that are 100% recyclable along with plastic bags that are made with biodegradable plastic for all packaging. Browse Pact here


Another sustainable fashion brand worth checking out is Everlane. Offering a large variety of clothing items for men and women, the ethically made brand has everything you need for laid back, high-quality fashion. With a process they’ve coined as “Radical Transparency,” Everlane partners with ethical factories around the world, only uses the finest materials and shares the entire production process with their customers (including the actual cost of each product).

Click here to shop the line. And be sure to check out their game-changing recyclable sneaker!

Big Bud Press

Big Bud Press is an ethically made, Los Angeles-based brand that offers unisex everyday clothing. With everything from cropped tees and hoodies to jumpsuits and sweatpants, the brand’s bright colors and positive vibes are everything. They use almost 100% cotton fabrics, recycled yarns and low impact and non-toxic dyes. Plus, more than 98% of fabric used is grown and made in the US. With a goal to provide clothing for as many people as possible with little effect on the environment, Big Bud Press is killing the sustainability game. Check it out here.


In trying to provide “comfort for good,” UpWest uses sustainable fabrics and practices in relaxed clothing for men and women. They use recycled polyester, organic cotton and recycled nylon in their pieces, and use a paperless receipt process in-store and recycled poly bags online. Along with offering comfy clothes and accessories, UpWest also partners with Give Back Box, which lets customers easily donate unwanted clothes in their shipping boxes with a free shipping label. Click here to get your next soft and stylish ensemble.

Boyish Jeans

Last but not least, Boyish Jeans is a modern collection of women’s denim made with a vintage feel. Using ethical and sustainable practices, the fashion brand works exclusively with recycled fabrics and materials in each piece they create. They also use 1/3 the amount of water that regular denim uses and recycles that water to reduce pollution. Offering everything from jeans and jackets to dresses and overalls, Boyish Jeans is cute, durable and safe for the environment. Shop the vintage-inspired brand here.

Which sustainable fashion brands do you love? Share with us in the comments!

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