Ted Gibson: Celeb Stylist, Salon Owner, Industry Activist

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What type of podcast tips would you give to Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen? We’ve got a few tricks of our own to survive in the podcast world.

This week’s interview features the original celebrity stylist, Ted Gibson.

Gibson is a well-renowned celeb stylist, salon owner and industry activist! We learn all about Gibson’s life, both how he got started in the industry and growing through it.  He talks to Ehlers about his multiple big breaks and how they impacted his career. 

“We had a seven-year love affair, Angelina and I”

He also shares about his activist endeavors, specifically Worth Up Alliance,  and how this movement is in place to make sure what happened to the beauty industry during COVID never happens again. 

“At the time when we needed it most, no one showed up”

“We are the backbone of this country because we are women. We are minorities. We are in the trenches because we are small businesses. We are the backbone of our communities, our states, our countries. We are the backbone of all of that, and we had no support.”

“The Worth Up Alliance is the thing that is going to be my legacy”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream.

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey