The 10 Qualities Beauty Pros Need For 2020 And Beyond



So much has changed since COVID-19 became the epicenter of our world. As a result, professionals are wondering how these changes have impacted the top skills employers are looking for.

We’ve studied employee & employer skills long before COVID. And while so much in our world is changing, the most sought-after skills remain solid. In fact, we would argue that they are now more important than ever. We believe these 10 skills are key to succeeding in the industry. Master these 10 skills before your next interview to position yourself as the top contender among all applicants.

1.  Professionalism

While in the salon, you must follow the workplace culture and carry yourself appropriately. Professionalism, timeliness, and cleanliness, are all important to the reputation of a salon. Companies are turning to employees who understand this at their core and whom they can rely on. 

2.  Eager to Learn & Positive Attitude

In order to grow in the industry, you must be open to adapting and learning new tasks or new approaches. Maybe it’s a new process in the salon or sales technique. Either way, employers are looking for pros who are eager to learn and adapt.

3. Problem-Solving

You might be able to identify a problem, but can you offer a solution? I constantly coach Canvas Me members on this exact skill. Rather than focusing on what’s wrong, this shift inspires you to take a positive outlook and make a productive change. 

4. Teamwork & Collaboration

When beauty businesses are hiring they aren’t just looking to fill their next position, they are looking to add someone to their work family. Any salon or spa with a reputable culture knows a good fit is at the core of making that magic happen. Consider: How can you help others? How can you inspire them? This skill is not only a must for employees, but also for those striving to be leaders.

5. Strong Communication & Social Skills

Working in the service industry means being surrounded by human interaction. While many of you may believe you’re already a good communicator, I’d challenge you to further sharpen your skills. Are you comfortable giving hard but loving feedback? What about expressing your concern in a way that isn’t undermining leadership? Knowing how to have difficult conversations is one big step to leveling up your career.

 6. Customer-Focused

A customer focused mindset refers to pros that actively look for ways to help their clients. Build rapport with people by going out of your way to assist them and making sure they are satisfied with their service. When we do this, we not only make others feel good, but we feel good about ourselves too. 

7. Product Knowledge

Knowing the products you’re using and that your salon sells in and out is beneficial to your client and makes selling products easier. While knowledge of how to do the job is great, knowing the tools and products that help you do your best helps you to stand out. Trying new products and discovering your tried and true help you to be the most confident in your creations. 

8. Creativity

Although beauty professionals are, by nature, already creatives, we’re referring to two subsects of the skill. First, how do you use new technologies and methods to develop creative solutions to your problems? And second, how do you sharpen your creative saw? Seeking daily inspiration forces you to step out of your comfort zone and grow as an artist.

9. High Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Almost every list from Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, to CNBC calls out emotional intelligence (EQ) as the number one skill set for 2020 and beyond – and we couldn’t agree more! Not to mention, every single salon, spa or barbershop owner we know lists traits of an emotionally intelligent person in their must-haves!

Emotional intelligence refers to “the capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically.” In other words, EQ is the art of understanding your own emotions and, as a result, understanding those of others. 

10. Technical Skills

Now, you may be wondering why – especially in the beauty industry – technical skills didn’t make it higher on the list. While technical skills are important, beauty business owners hire empathetic and compassionate humans to show up as the best version of themselves and be part of a team.

They hire humans that will be excited to learn what’s next and come to the table with solutions, as well as those that fit their culture/tribe. While employees can learn technique, they can’t always learn these other in-demand skills.

When you’re looking for that next opportunity, flex your tech muscles, create your CanvasMe portfolio and be sure to highlight these skills through video and imagery. Most importantly, make sure to connect with others on a human level. Start making connections now when you visit The Tease’s Beauty Careers tab.

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