Your Dream Mentor is Waiting On Canvas Me – Literally


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Sliding into the DMs. Randomly approaching your hair idol after a class. Developing your network and climbing the ladder in the salon industry is hard. Luckily, what used to rely on who you know or being in the right place at the right time has completely evolved, thanks to Canvas Me (@canvasme).

Think of it as LinkedIn for salon professionals. The website was created by Jen and Matt Martinelli to connect the salon industry across students, educators, mentors and potential employers. Pros build profiles to showcase their work and apply for new opportunities. Plus, salon owners can use the platform to better locate talent and fill openings.

The most exciting part? Canvas Me’s mentorship program is giving users the chance to win connections and education from some of the biggest names in the game.

Mentor Me!

From J Ladner to Ammon Carver, Stephanie Lawrence and more, Canvas Me has made connections between emerging artists and their icons. Not only are the winners getting to learn from the best of the best, some are even landing jobs after the fact.

Samantha Quillen was the lucky artist to win a mentorship session with Stephanie Lawrence, Insta-famous stylist, mentor, educator and owner of Blank Canvas Salon. This was a perfect fit, because both artists are located near Londonderry, New Hampshire. 

“I am a person that just wants to go as far in life as I can, take in as much education and training and learn from as many people as I possibly can,” said Samantha.

After meeting Stephanie and taking full advantage of the opportunity, Samantha went on to interview for a new job. There, she hyped up the mentorship experience –– plus, busted out a letter of rec from Stephanie –– and found herself hired on the spot.

Making Moves

When it comes to getting in on these opportunities, the process is easy. Just make a profile and enter to win. Plus, the big names don’t stop with Stephanie! Michelle O’Connor, Tippi Shorter and other industry icons are all in the queue waiting to teach emerging artists everything they know. 

Especially in our socially distanced world, finding opportunities to mingle and connect is a struggle. However, with mentoring programs like Canvas Me’s, salon pros can still make the most of their careers. Just as the platform says: “Your network is your net worth –– and you’ve hit the jackpot.” Start finding dream opportunities when you create your Canvas Me profile at our “Beauty Careers” tab.

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