The Ari Pony

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Mariah and Katy. Sandra and Ellen. Gaga and Mia. We absolutely live for these interactions. Seriously, who doesn’t want to see that one of their favorite stars Stans the same celebrities we do? And in the case of Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo, we of course love to see that Meredith and Christina support each other in real life. Cast members of The Office are always giving us glimpses into their real-life friendships, and we can’t get enough of it.

When it comes down to it, we all love anything that makes celebrities look human. Things that make us think, oh my gosh, they’re just like us! So when we saw this Twitter exchange between two of our absolute idols, our lives were made.

It all started with a Tyra tweet admiring that iconic Ariana pony like we all do every day.

And, just like any one of us would, Ari took the bait.

Just like that, the floodgates were opened, and the love was unleashed. Could you imagine getting these compliments from Tyra???

Ari wrapped up the interaction perfectly, signing off with “yoooo the greatest tyra mail of all time.” We agree, Ari. We agree.