The Best Beauty Gifts to Treat Yourself to This Valentine’s Day


There’s nothing wrong with a little self-love on Valentine’s Day. While couples might steal this holiday’s limelight, you know the real deal. It’s impossible to truly love another without caring for yourself first, and that includes splurging on an indulgent gift every once in a while. 

Whether you’re in a relationship or flying solo, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show yourself some love. Here are the best beauty gifts to treat yourself to this Valentine’s Day. 

Kenzzi At-Home Laser Hair Removal Tool 

Shaving is a pain, especially in the winter. However, there are quick and easy solutions if you still want smooth skin with less hassle. Zap that fur and keep it gone with a Kenzzi At-Home Laser Hair Removal Tool. Ditch the razor for painless, irritation-free hair removal with longer lasting results. 

Shop: Kenzzi At- Home Laser Hair Removal, $249

Evridwear Exfoliating Glove

Your favorite beauty creams and ointments work better when you apply them to a clean slate. Banish flaky skin and vanquish ashiness with an Evridwear Exfoliating Glove. Choose from three exfoliation levels – light, moderate or heavy – to best fit your skin type.  

Shop: Evridwear Exfoliating Glove, $8.99

Aquis Back Scrubber

Do you suffer from “bacne?” If you hesitate to wear that low-cut dress because of pimples, exfoliate those -pesky pimples with an Aquis back scrubber. Bonus — it feels heavenly. 

Shop: Aquis Back Scrubber, $12.00

 Vitamin IV Treatment 

If you want to go all out, try an IV therapy treatment. You can choose your vitamin drip to serve different needs, from skin brightening to migraine relief. A dose of vitamins will leave you feeling healthy and vibrant on the inside and out. 

Shop: Vitamin IV Treatment, $149-$349

DNA Nox Blend Nighttime Beauty Supplements

True beauty begins on the inside. The DNA Nox Blend Beauty Supplement stocks your body with the nutrients it needs to replenish your skin cells overnight. The supplement is made to regulate your circadian rhythm, allowing you to sleep better while repairing your skin.   

Shop: DNA Nox Blend Nighttime Beauty Supplement, $25.85

Drunk Elephant Retinol Cream 

Retinol is a wonder for acne and wrinkles. This Drunk Elephant Retinol Cream will help you get that smooth complexion you long for by fighting pimples and erasing years from your face.

Shop: Drunk Elephant Retinol Cream, $74 

Paul Mitchell Pro-Tools Detangler Comb

Are your locks a mess to untangle in the morning? The Paul Mitchell Pro-Tools Detangler Comb gets the knots out gently — without taking scores of strands with it. 

Shop: Paul Mitchell Pro-Tools Detangler Comb, $4.50

Panasonic Close Curves Electric Razor

Sometimes, you miss a spot when shaving in the shower. The Panasonic Close Curves Electric Razor lets you complete post-shower cleanup work so nothing interrupts your skin’s sleekness. 

Shop: Panasonic Close Curves Electric Razor, $33.99

CHI Digital Ceramic Flat Iron

Does your wild mane turn heads for all the wrong reasons? The CHI Digital Ceramic Fat iron helps tame those tresses for a soft, natural style you’ll love. 

Shop: CHI Digital Ceramic Flat Iron, $80

Natura Bisse Glyco Extreme Peel

You could spend a fortune on a professional chemical peel, but why? You can DIY at home with the Natura Bisse Glyco Extreme Peel, which minimizes wrinkles and imperfections. It’s perfect for at-home spa days. 

Shop: Natura Bissé Glyco Extreme Peel, $80

Knesco Rose Quartz Eye Mask

Do you look tired? Banish dark circles and puffy bags with a set of Knesco Rose Quartz Eye Masks. The antioxidants in these masks will restore the youthful glow in your face. 

Shop: Knesco Rose Quartz Eye Mask, $15.50-$50

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