The Beyhive’s Best ‘Black is King’ Hair Recreations


It’s been more than a week since Beyoncé dropped Black is King and the excitement surrounding the album is still as strong as ever. Ever since Bey blessed us all with the visual masterpiece, the internet has been full of fan recreations paying homage to the film’s dazzling choreography, fashion, and, our personal favorite – the hair!

With Beyoncé serving so much black hair magic in Black is King, it was really only a matter of time before the Beyhive would show their queen some love with their own reinterpretations of her iconic hair looks. As we all saw, the singer sported an array of intricate African-inspired hairstyles throughout the film which gave her fans a lot of inspiration to pull from for their recreations. Their resulting looks have been absolutely incredible and we rounded up some of our personal favorites below.

Bantu Knots and Braids:

Out of all the hairstyles that Beyoncé wore in the film, the Bantu knots and braids combination that she wore for the “Already” music video appear to be a fan-favorite.

We have seen so many fans copying this particular look, with some people even rocking a pair of statement sunglasses of their own – just like Bey.

Even Beyoncé’s littlest fans love this look.

Braided High Ponytail

Seriously, who wasn’t a fan of that super fierce ponytail that Beyoncé sported during the “Already” music video?

We love this hairstylist’s take on the look and we’re almost positive Bey would approve!

Black Studded Crown:

During the music video for “Find Your Way Back”, the singer dazzled us all with major bling from her head-to-toe.

This fan exuded major queen energy with her super-studded black padded headband and embellished sunglasses. She totally nailed this look!

Standing Bubble Ponytail

This beautiful messy bubble ponytail that Beyoncé wore during the “Water” music video was a WHOLE LOOK! A personal favorite of ours, we loved that this hairstyle highlighted the star’s natural curls.

Creator Ehlie Luna was able to pull off  the same dreamy vibes with a messy bubble ponytail of her own. If you swipe through her post, you can see how she achieved this gorgeous style.

Fan Victoria Wilcher also took her curls to new heights with her own spin on the hairstyle.

Even male members of the Beyhive got in on the action. This fan managed to copy this tricky hairstyle as well.

To see more stunning hair looks, make sure to check out Black is King, exclusively on Disney+.

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Camille Nzengung

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