The Blueprint to Work-Life Balance in the Salon


You know the saying, “you have your whole life to figure out what you want to do”? Well after starting in hair and moving on to other paths, Starr Mason returned to her passion of hair and now has been in her element for 25 years.

A dynamic, caring, and personable leader, Starr  has distinguished herself with nearly 25 years of service to Hair Cuttery Family of Brands. In that time, she has been awarded Field Education Leader of the Year (2018) and led her teams to numerous company honors over the years. 

Humble by nature, Starr says she is always looking to grow and learn professionally, adding, “Everyone is my teacher.” She leads virtual and in-person training sessions for our Salon Professionals and leaders throughout the company, including a recent program aimed at improving work-life balance, about which she is passionate. 

Of course, as a longtime beauty professional and stylist, Starr can walk the walk as well as talk the talk when it comes to hair styling. She loves to create stretch sets on natural hair, long- and short-layered haircuts, wet sets on natural and relaxed hair, and color and foil highlighting. Starr is Redken-certified in Color and Finishing — her specialty is cutting, coloring, and finishing textured hair. Her combination of hair-styling knowledge and genuine empathy make her an ideal Field Education Leader and brand ambassador. 

Join Kelly Ehlers and Starr Mason to discuss Starr’s journey back to the hair industry, all things curly hair and how to obtain the perfect work-life balance for you!

“I sat in the car and I said,” Okay Lord, whoever greets me with open arms, that’s where I’m going.” So I went to the first salon and not so much. I went back to my car and said “I don’t want to work for Hair Cuttery.” And it was so funny because at that time I thought that Hair Cuttery didn’t specialize in curly texture is what I thought. And so I sat in the car and I knew I had an agreement with my upper so I was like, I went into Hair Cuttery and that salon leader was so excited.”

“We just started rolling out a class about over a year ago called Blueprint. And I absolutely love this class because it’s teaching our stylists how to balance their life.”

“The most common [misconception about curly hair] is that it can handle anything you can do to it. It needs the highest volume of developer when you are doing a color. It can handle the highest amount of heat and all of that is just not so.” 

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