The Future Of Extensions…Or Should We Say Hair Solutions


Have you ever heard of Big Industry Group? Maybe. Maybe not. Beauty Industry Group (BIG) is a leading global supplier of professional-grade hair extensions. They are the supplier of some of your favorite extensions brands including BABE Hair Extensions, BELLAMI, donna bella hair, Halo Couture, hairtalk extensions, and Hotheads Hair Extensions.

BIG a big wig in the extensions category, they are working to be the tide that raises the standard of quality and sustainability in the hair extensions category by setting that standard in their multitude of brands. BIG isn’t afraid for their competitors to see the work they are doing because they hope that their competitors work to improve their process and quality to improve the industry for stylists and consumers alike. 

If you want to hear more about what they are doing to raise the bar through innovation as well as one of their biggest brands’ new launches, we have you covered. Brandon Hutchins, President of Professional Brands for BIG, joined Volume Up to talk all about their work to support stylists.

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“We’re probably one of the only, if not the only, organization that’s really stuck, at least up until this point, in one category and really sought to become the experts. And you know, we’re learning and adapting every day but having than many brands that we are able to be associated with really helps us to be able to think differently and a little more broadly about that particular category.”

“We’ve also taken that stance that we want to be the ones that are setting the bar, setting the criteria, of what is ethically sourced and what’s not. And we actually invite other competitors, and others in the industry, to come along for the journey. We actually share with them what we’re doing, and how we’re doing it because we would love all of our competitors to be doing the same thing.”

“For those that this is an important thing, which hopefully it is for many, you know there are opportunities to really dig in and understand what’s being done to make sure that product is delivered in a way that you would expect from a company.”

“So outside of the ethical sourcing and sustainability, I find that the other thing really to probably pay attention to, which I think most already do, is just making sure that you understand the quality of the product. Because there are a lot of different terms being used by manufacturers of why their product is better than another.”

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