The HydraFacial Hype

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Ah, that post-facial feeling. You know what we’re talking about. It’s almost like that deep cleanse reaches our soul and gets us ready to take on the world. Until you look in the mirror. That’s when you realize that the wonderful feeling you’re experiencing comes at a bit of a cost. Unfortunately, the redness and blotchiness that comes with a facial keeps us locked away in wait for at least a couple hours before we get to go out and conquer the world with our gorgeous glow.

But it’s 2019, and the future is HERE. We’ve started seeing celebrities talking about the new facial craze, the HydraFacial. Boasting a more comfortable, less harsh process than the other facial options out there thanks to use of the new treatment wand, the HydraFacial is perfect for all skin types, especially those with otherwise sensitive skin. Instead of manually getting into the pores by hand, the wand does it all, which is the key to reducing the length of recovery time.

“The treatment has become extremely popular because it has virtually no downtime and can improve skin glow, hydration, and radiance in just 30 minutes,” according to dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, via Refinery29.

As we mentioned, the wand is the big difference maker. Despite the painlessness of the procedure, the wand is actually hard at work vacuuming your pores while also injecting a mix of nutrients. Even better, each treatment can be specifically tailored to your personal skin type, making sure that the serums used are suited to give you the best results.

To get all the details and find a provider near you, check out the HydraFacial website.