The Key to Euphoria – Just Add Glitter

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Euphoria is one of the hottest new shows of the summer.  Sam Levinson (son of Barry Levinson) knew what he was doing when he teamed up with HBO to make an American adaptation of this Israeli hit show.  Euphoria gives an extreme look of what the high school landscape looks like today for Gen Z and watches classmates struggle to make sense of what their futures hold.  The show follows 17-year-old Rue (played by Zendaya), a drug addict fresh out of rehab with no intentions of staying clean.  Friends in Rue’s circle include her new best friend Jules (played by Hunter Schafer), a transgender girl who is new in town;  Kat (played by Barbie Ferreira), a body-conscious teen exploring her sexuality;  Nate (played by Jacob Elordi), the high school jock dealing with anger issues; and McKay (played by Algee Smith), the football star trying to adjust to college after a stellar high school football career.  Using empathy and candor this series delves into the deep topics of anxiety, substance abuse, daily teen struggles, and other mental health issues to name a few.  While the series can be quite dark at times, the resounding theme of friendship and survival shines through.  Does it make us want to go back and relive those high school years, absolutely not!  But it does make us want to step up our glitter eye makeup game!  This show spared no expense in the make-up department.  That is very evident in every creative eye shadow, liner, and glitter application seen in each episode. Here are a few of our favorites:

When in doubt, just add glitter!

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bts #fashun with alexa and barbie

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How about we all step up our eyeliner game like this!

Green shadow, yes please!

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Sequins, why not!

Need some more inspiration?  Check out this hashtag on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/glittereyemakeup/