The New Generation of Bond Building


Are you looking to rebuild your client’s healthy hair in a way that is easier, better and faster than ever before?

Bond building has been all the rage for the past few years. It seems that every brand is coming out with its formulation of bond builder and claiming it is better than the last brand. None of this category would have been possible without the innovation of Eric Pressly. Eric’s work helped invent the bond-building category and after a break for a few years, he has come back with his newest work, epres. 

Epres is the future of high-performance haircare. Powered by Pressly’s cutting-edge chemistry, epres is dedicated to creating scientifically advanced haircare solutions in patented, professional-grade formulas that are easy to use, easier on the environment—and truly perform.

To discuss his work in the field, how epres is different from others and where he sees the category heading in the future, head to wherever you stream your podcasts. It’s an episode filled with the science of haircare and taking a lead from the music industry. 

“You want it to look better. You want it to be easier to use. You want when you hold up the new phone, you wanna know that it’s better than the old one, without them telling you that it’s a four gigahertz processor and X ram or whatever. You just wanna know and so you work on all those spots so people just kinda know when they use it.”

“I’m hoping to lead the way into cleaner chemicals and safer chemicals. So a big part of what we’re doing with epres is that every ingredient that I’m using is biodegradable, which is very unique to the haircare space as a whole. And I think that’s where a lot of stuff can go.”

“Easier, better, faster. More money in your wallet. Better hair for your client leaving the salon every time. That’s really what it’s about and, you know, being responsible for the planet.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream and head over to our Instagrams @Readthetease and @volumeupbythetease.

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