Meet Epres, the New Bond-Building Haircare Brand That’s Set to Be the Next Olaplex


Olaplex may have just met its match with the arrival of a new bond-building haircare brand—and get this, the haircare newcomer’s founder has close ties to the original bond builder.

Allow us to introduce you to Epres—a next-gen bond repair treatment that repairs damaged hair in just one step. This new haircare system is the brainchild of material scientist Dr. Eric Pressly (one of the original co-inventors of the massively succesful Olaplex) and his business partner Michael Sampson. 

“Epres is the future of haircare, specifically formulated for both professionals and consumers,” said Pressly, in a press statement. “Whenever I am innovating, it is always essential that my products can be trusted for their professional-grade formulas and that they truly deliver on the promised benefits and results. That is why I wanted to re-enter the haircare space and continue to create products that are accessible and easy-to-use as they are innovative.”

The Epres haircare system consists of two treatments—one for professional salons and one for consumers at home. In the salon, stylists and colorists can use the Professional Bond Repair ($79.00), which helps keep hair strong during chemical services like bleaching, perming, and relaxing—without disrupting the pH levels. At home, consumers can use the Bond Repair Treatment Kit ($48.00) which comes with an Epres spray bottle and two oil-based concentrate vials. To activate the treatment, consumers will have to pour the concentrate into the spray bottle, fill it with water, give it a shake, and then saturate the hair with the mixture. Additional concentrate refills will be available for purchase separately in packs of two for $34.00 on the Epres website

So, just what makes Epres such a game-changer in the bond-building hair category? Well, it all comes down to its patent-pending formulas which contain just four ingredients and work hard to deliver professional-grade results for all hair types. All Epres formulations are acid-free as acids can interfere with a hair’s pH balance. As a result of this distinction, when using Epres products, hair colorists don’t have to be too concerned with precise measuring during chemical and dye treatments, as it won’t interfere with the color.

It’s also worth noting that Epres will be the only bond-building treatment on the market that uses Biodiffusion technology, which means that it will continue to repair the hair even after it’s dried. This is due to the fact that the brand uses oil-based molecules which are able to continue to penetrate deeper into the hair. 

If you’re a stylist or consumer interested in trying out Epres, the haircare system is currently available for purchase online and will be in select salons across the U.S. beginning November 1st. 

For more news about upcoming Epres’ launches, be sure to follow @epresbeauty on Instagram.

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Camille Nzengung

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