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Skincare science meets affordability

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Looking for a skincare line that boasts scientific results while watching your pocketbook, well look no further we have found the perfect skincare line for you and it is called Skin Actives Scientific.  Founded by Dr. Hannah Sivak and Jonatan Funtowicz in 2006, Skin Actives Scientific set out to provide the best actives in the world at prices attainable to the everyday consumer.  This brand equates skincare with skin health, meaning your skin health is important and you should be able to take care of your skin properly without having to break the bank purchasing skincare items.  Their mission is to create healthy, ethically produced products for every budget.  Serums start at just $10.99; I repeat $10.99!  So regardless of your skin concern, Skin Actives has an appropriate product formulated for you.

They have 4 Collections of Products; Flawless for Oil Control, Ageless for wrinkle reduction, Glowing – your daily essentials, and Hydrating for moisture renewal.  Their website is very user friendly and allows you to shop via concern (dryness, age spot, firming, etc.) or by product type (cleansers, serums, sun care, etc.) And if you’re not sure what your skin is needing, they have a regimen quiz you can take that will help you pick the right products for you!  They also offer a wide variety of Vegan products and Paraben Free products. 

They also provide some amazing body products. A hair care line that has hair growth properties, and a men’s line called Tombstone with a beard serum that aides in hair growth. But the product we’re most intrigued by is their nail care duo set.  The duo set comes with a nail serum and a nail oil.  You use the 2 products together; one is water based and one is oil based.  They are formulated separately because oil and water do not mix (just like your mom taught you!). The water-based serum helps rejuvenate nails suffering from cracks, splitting, brittleness and other damage while their oil-based serum moisturizes the cuticle. The nail serum is formulated with their exclusive KGF (keratinocyte growth factor) and fortified with active nutrients for longer and stronger nails.  Their oil serum blends together several oils as well as shea butter and other nut butters for a luxurious feel. This duo is perfect for anyone who wants to nourish nails after polish or acrylics or who just want longer, stronger, smoother nails. Your nails will thank you! 

Every Skin Actives Product is manufactured and assembled in the United States. They create jobs both locally and nationally and are committed to the growth of a healthy and robust economy.  They also never test their products on animals. Ever.

For more information on this amazing line, check out their website or Instagram @skin_actives.