The Top Hair Color Trends from WELLA colorcharm’s New Report


The results are in and the biggest hair color trends have been revealed thanks to hair color line, WELLA colorcharm.

The brand released their first-ever “What’s Trending in Hair Color” Report which highlights the latest hair coloring behaviors and most popular trends amongst American women. To compile the report, WELLA colorcharm teamed up with global data and insight firm, Dynata, to survey a representative sample of 1,000 women aged 18-and-up to better understand their thoughts on hair dye as well as recent hair color trends. In order to gain a better understanding of what’s popular in salons, four colorists were interviewed from WELLA colorcharm’s Top Artist team.

So, what’s trending? We read through the comprehensive report and got the low-down on all the coolest hair colors and styles that you can expect to see as we head into 2021.

Here are the key findings from the report:

  • More than 50% of women have colored their hair at home since March 2020.
  • Now more than ever, women are viewing their hair as an accessory.
  • Self-care is the top reason women listed for dyeing their hair at home.
  • At-home hair color could replace salon visits in the long run.
  • The biggest hair color trends include vivid colors, the money piece, chunky highlights, and a return to natural color.

To gain further insight into some of these findings, we spoke to WELLA colorcharm Top Artist team member and owner of Splash Studios Inc., Oliver Adams.

The Tease: The report revealed that more than 50 percent of women have colored their hair at home since March 2020. As a colorist, how does this make you feel?

Oliver Adams: While these numbers don’t surprise me at all, what’s more surprising is that we have also looked at the numbers from the salon during this same time last year and our color services are up nearly 40 percent. That’s in first time clients booking color services! As a colorist, I am excited to see such a boost in hair color being used, whether at home or in the salon. What it has shown me is that the more people are limited to being at home, the more they want to express themselves to the world outside. It’s amazing!

Now that more women are coloring their hair on their own, what tips do you have on how they can do it well at home?

Adams: Always make sure you have enough product! Nothing is worse than getting halfway through your application and realizing that you need another bottle of color or more developer. Also, always read AND follow the manufacturer’s directions when it comes to proper mixing ratios as well as processing times! This is very important in guaranteeing the desired final result.

What is it about the money piece hair trend that makes it so appealing to just about every age group? I saw in the trend report that women aged 65+ are most interested in trying out the style.

Adams: This trend has come back stronger than ever! Everyone loves to have that signature piece in the fringe area of any style. The money piece is what makes them look and feel beautiful. This style appeals to every age group because it’s fun, it’s fashionable, and it accentuates most people’s favorite feature — their face! The money piece can be a hit in the professional setting, just as much as it can for afterhours. Everyone can enjoy this trend!

During quarantine, everyone (celebrities included) was coloring their hair various shades of pink. What is it about the color pink that made it the standout hair shade of the pandemic?

Adams: During the challenging times of quarantine, fun exotic colors emerged as a way for many to express themselves! We saw a huge boom in video conferencing such as Zoom and IG Live … and who wants to be on camera with dull hair? So, we saw a spike in colors like pink! Also, for many, pink has been an easy color to achieve at home on hair that was already previously blond or lighter shades.

Seeing as how many women are now returning to their natural hair color, is maintenance a pressing concern for many people when it comes to their color?

Adams: Yes! Maintenance is a HUGE concern when it comes to color. The important thing to remember is that maintenance isn’t just after the color service, it starts with the initial service and product selection to achieve the color. Make sure you use the right hair color products for the texture of your hair. Also, as a rule of thumb, to maintain optimum health and moisture, try using semi-permanent colors or permanent colors with 30V or less!

Read the rest of Wella colorcharm’s “What’s Trending in Hair Color” report here.

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